Videos from the 2015 National Conference

Check out these great video highlights from the 2015 National Conference:

Opening Session with Hill Harper

Hill Harper spoke about passion, energy, and positive change in these opening session remarks to the NASFAA membership.

Debate: Is There A Student Loan Crisis?

The 2015 Conference featured an “Oxford-style” debate, moderated by John Donvan of Intelligence Squared/ABC News, about whether student debt has grown to such epic levels that it is now a crisis for students, the economy, and our national future.

NASFAA Leads a Parade

Catch a glimpse of NASFAA's 50th Anniversary Kick-off Parade down the streets of New Orleans, held during the 2015 NASFAA National Conference.

2015: Year in Review

This slideshow outlined NASFAA's accomplishments, with a special tribute to the NASFAA members who help make 2015 a banner year .

50 Years: A Look Back 

This tribute video, created in honor of NASFAA's 50th Anniversary, explores the history of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and its legacy that forever defined the financial aid industry.

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