2014-2015 Webinar Series

The following topics are scheduled for the 2014-2015 Webinar Series. Please note that they are subject to change; be sure to return in the coming months for more information.

Each webinar is $115 for members, and $230 for non-members. Webinar Package purchasers still need to register in advance for each webinar they plan to attend; during the registration process, the balance will be $0.

Date  Topic   
9/24/14 Consortium Agreements
Consortium agreements expand an institution's ability to broaden a student's educational experience. This webinar examines regulatory requirements associated with this type of agreement, discusses how schools are currently using them to meet students' needs, and highlights good practices from the school perspective.
No longer available.   
10/29/14 Reporting Untaxed Income on the FAFSA
This webinar will review the untaxed income information required on the FAFSA. School panelists will share their approaches to special situations they have encountered when determining what should or should not be included as untaxed income.
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11/19/14 Verification 2015-16
Have you started planning for the 2015-16 award year? This webinar will review verification requirements for 2015-16, including FAFSA information subject to verification, acceptable documentation, and best practices.
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12/17/14 Gainful Employment: The 2014 Final Rules
Free to NASFAA members! Come learn about the new federal regulations that determine whether non-degree programs of study at public and private nonprofit institutions and virtually all programs of study at for-profit institutions are eligible to participate in the Title IV student assistance programs. 
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2/25/15 Consumer Information
Consumer information is a complex financial aid issue which often causes audit and program review findings. This webinar will focus on the requirements for making disclosures.
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3/25/15 Student Eligibility – Enrollment Issues
Although student eligibility appears straightforward, the underlying components are quite challenging. This webinar will focus on the student eligibility issues related to enrollment.
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5/20/15 Cohort Default Rate Issues
Cohort Default Rates (CDR) are becoming more and more a concerning factor for schools. This webinar will hone in on an issue to help you better understand your CDR and how it impacts your school and students.
6/17/15 Direct PLUS Denials and Additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan
Under certain circumstances dependent students may be able to borrow additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan funds to help finance their education. This webinar focuses on when a financial aid administrator may utilize these Title IV funds for students, the use of professional judgment, and the importance of the timing of a PLUS denial.