Obama’s Own Student Loans: $42,753 For Harvard Law School

"President Barack Obama once again brought the college debt he ran up—along with first lady Michelle’s loans–during a speech on curbing college costs Thursday at the University of Buffalo. Obama took out $42,753 in loans to pay for his Harvard Law School tuition," the Chicago Sun-Times reports. "Michelle signed notes for $40,762 in loans for her Harvard Law education. That’s on top of their undergraduate loans. The couple carried their college debt 25 years—even as they were making decent incomes. ... On Thursday, Obama said, 'I was in my 40s when we finished paying off our debt. And — and we should have been saving for Malia and Sasha by that time… …And we were luckier because most of the debt was from law school. Our undergraduate debt was not as great because tuition had not started shooting up as high.'”

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