Oregon: Eugene High School Graduate To Testify Before U.S. Senate Finance Committee About Student Debt

"Amber Lee was such a diligent student at Willamette High in Eugene that she has been admitted to Portland State University's honors program to major in biochemistry on her way to becoming a doctor. But her mother barely earns enough to support the two of them and their savings is nil," Oregon Live reports

"And, Tuesday morning, she is testifying before the Senate Finance Committee in hopes of helping prompt Congress to change policies to help low-income students like her better afford college without taking on crippling levels of debt.

Plenty of other incoming college freshmen could tell similar tales of scary college costs and loan amounts. But Lee lives in Oregon, home to new Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden, who visited Willamette High in 2013.

And her situation stands out as one of the bleakest among Willamette students who knocked it out of the park during high school and are star college material. …

The committee meeting begins at 7 a.m. Pacific Time and can be watched via a livestream.

Lee said she mainly plans to share her story but will also suggest some steps she believes the federal government could take to help, including expanding loan forgiveness, limiting interest rates on student loans and expanding financial aid.

Wyden, the committee chair, has his own ideas, which including changing the tax code and better publicizing tax credits already available to help defer some families' college costs."

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