Paul Ryan's Views On College Costs Look A Lot Like Obama's

"President Obama's higher education agenda has had trouble attracting supporters from either party in Congress so far. But he appears to have at least one rhetorical ally in the House of Representatives: Rep. Paul Ryan," according to Vox.

"That doesn't mean Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, will be supporting Obama's higher education proposals anytime soon. But Ryan's new plan to fight poverty reveals that the the two very different politicians have some common ground in their approach to colleges and universities. ... 

[President Obama has] gone from expanding the Pell Grant to telling colleges they were 'on notice' for rising tuition costs and proposing new ways for the federal government to hold colleges accountable.

And some of Ryan's rhetoric suggests that the president now has company.

The federal government, Ryan wrote, 'should measure success by outcomes, not inputs' — not whether students go to college, but what eventually happens to them. A few paragraphs later, he continues: 'Post-secondary institutions and the federal government must work together to ensure both of their financial aid practices make college more affordable. Colleges should also have skin in the game, to further encourage their commitment to outcome-based learning.'"

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