Bringing Innovation to Financial Literacy and College Affordability

"Over the past several weeks, the media has been buzzing with reports about the student loan debt crisis and rising federal loan interest rates," Joseph Audette writes for U.S. News and World Report's My Money blog. "It is a positive signal that these issues are receiving attention from policymakers and late night talk show segments, but the atmosphere surrounding college affordability remains politically charged. It is still uncertain whether this spotlight will result in lasting improvements, temporary solutions, or simply serve as a background for political agendas. Even if we are a long way from consensus on improving the accessibility and affordability of higher education, there are organizations leading the way with innovative new approaches. For example, the start-up SoFi is creating new peer-to-peer lending networks by connecting alumni and students to offer low-interest education loans. Additionally, established companies and even government organizations have begun to challenge the traditional models of college finances."

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