Ethics and Values

NASFAA is committed to ensuring that members, leadership and staff all uphold the utmost ethical principles. We require our members to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, and exemplify the highest level of ethical behavior in helping students and families find the best ways to pay for college. Association leadership and staff also pledge to uphold the most thorough and rigorous ethical standards.

As such, the association urges all stakeholders to review and adopt our ethical guidelines. These include NASFAA’s:

  • Statement of Ethical Principles, which outlines the principles to which all aid administrators should aspire;
  • Code of Conduct, which outlines the mandatory professional conduct and set of behaviors expected of members;
  • Core Advocacy Principles, which guide our legislative and regulatory efforts and affirm that the purpose of student financial aid is to ensure equal access to postsecondary education for all students.
  • Core Operating Values, which serve as a guide for the conduct of all NASFAA staffpersons, and by which the performance of association staff is evaluated.