Cost of Attendance

Order the Cost of Attendance Self Study GuidePublished in April 2019 for the 2019-20 program year.

In this informative self-study guide, you will learn the principles and purposes of the student budget construction process, gain an understanding of how to build student budgets (including sources for setting the value of cost components), learn about the various allowable budget components and restrictions for certain categories of students, and become familiar with budget recalculations and the impact of non-Title IV aid on the cost of attendance.  Completion of this guide qualifies an individual to take the credential test on cost of attendance. 

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Learning Objectives

Lesson 1: Student Budget Construction 

  • Understand the principles and processes of student budget construction.

Lesson 2: Cost of Attendance Components and Restrictions 

  • Concepts of cost of attendance (COA);
  • Allowable costs for awarding federal student financial aid; and
  • Restrictions on COA components.

Lesson 3: Recalculations and Non-Title IV Aid 

  • Understand the cost of attendance recalculation requirements and options.
  • Be able to detail how non-Title IV aid impacts the cost of attendance.

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Publication Date: 4/5/2019

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Cost of Attendance


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