Preliminary Report of the NASFAA Reauthorization Task Force to the Membership

NASFAA’s Board of Directors convened a Reauthorization Task Force in March 2012 to produce a set of proposals for the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act that—

  • Promote access to postsecondary education;
  • Provide simplicity, consistency, flexibility, and program integrity in the delivery of student financial aid; and
  • Represent the diverse needs of the Association and its membership.

In doing so, the task force was directed to consult with NASFAA’s membership and to
incorporate the following guiding principles:

  • Promote fairness and equity for students across all sectors of postsecondary education;
  • Promote policies that address the needs of disadvantaged students
  • Promote accountability;
  • Encourage simplicity;
  • Provide schools with the flexibility to respond to the specific needs of their students;
  • Promote the primacy of need‐based aid;
  • Recommend policies that accommodate the diversity of academic delivery models;
  • Promote the use of technology wherever possible;
  • Eliminate statutory requirements that use financial aid to enforce unrelated social policies;
  • Support recommendations with research and data analysis wherever possible; and
  • Promote programs and efforts that encourage student financial and academic preparation at an early age.


Accordingly, the task force held almost 40 listening sessions at conferences across the country.

Member comments were analyzed and condensed into recommendations. In addition, recommendations from the prior (2003) reauthorization task force were revisited and, where necessary, updated. This process resulted in 61 recommendations, presented to the Board in a condensed format in March 2013. One recommendation was rejected, three were returned to the task force for further development, and 57 were accepted.

This report presents the accepted recommendations in greater detail, and expanded discussions of the three issues still pending Board approval.

  • Publisher : NASFAA
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  • Series : Todays News
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