Higher Education Associations Reaffirm Commitment To Diversity

July 1, 2013 - "The decision in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin et al. leaves intact the longstanding legal principle that the educational benefits of a widely diverse student body are a compelling governmental interest. We strongly agree," a group of higher education associations say in an advertisement sent to several national publications. "The case now returns to the Fifth Circuit for review under clarified standards of strict scrutiny, and it will be some time before there is a final decision. But a central issue for colleges and universities—the educational benefits of diversity— remains unchanged. A diverse student body enables all students to have the transformational experience of interacting with their peers who have varied perspectives and come from different backgrounds. ... Our nation’s higher education institutions, whether they are community colleges or four-year institutions, public or private, nonprofit or for-profit, religiously affiliated or secular, professional, vocational, or liberal-arts focused, stand committed to furthering the goals of equal opportunity and diversity in education. We pledge to reinvigorate our work to ensure that all who enroll in higher education experience a rigorous, horizon expanding, and intellectually challenging education. We remain dedicated to the mission of discovering and disseminating knowledge, including the knowledge gained through direct experiences with diverse colleagues—a resource for achieving a stronger democracy and nation."

  • Resource Type : Article
  • Series : Todays News
  • Publication Date : 7/1/2013
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