2014-15 Gold Star Award Application

Please read all instructions carefully. Incomplete submissions will be eliminated. The Gold Star Award Instructions can also be downloaded for quick reference. Please submit all questions about the Gold Star Awards to awards@nasfaa.org

  • The application deadline is noon EST on Friday, March 6, 2015.
  • Awardees will be recognized in July at the 2015 NASFAA Conference in New Orleans, LA.
  • All applications must be submitted electronically using this online form.

This completed application must be followed by two documents:

  1. A narrative explaining the initiative, and
  2. An evaluation of the initiative.
  • The narrative must not exceed five (5) double-spaced pages (8 1/2 x 11). Submit the narrative as a Word document labeled "Narrative (your name).doc.
  • The evaluation should assess: (1) How well the project met the objectives/purposes stated in this application; (2) The major successes of the intiative; and (3) The problems or obstacles associated with the project. Submit the evaluation as a Word document labeled "Evaluation (your name).doc. With your narrative and evaluation, include a listing of any additional materials being submitted to assist the Awards Committee in its review of your initiative. 
  • Send your narrative, evaluation, and additional materials to awards@nasfaa.org. If accompanying materials cannot be submitted electronically, contact awards@nasfaa.org with complete details so alternative arrangements can be made. Please note that late entries and initiatives that do not conform to application specifications may not be considered.
Award Submission Information   
I am submitting this application on behalf of:  
Name of Institution, System, Regional or State Association
Descriptive Title of Initiative  
Include a brief title that can serve as a quick reference, particularly if multiple entries are submitted.   
Has the initiative been submitted previously?
If you select "yes" to the above question, what year was the initiative previously submitted?
What has changed to make the initiative more effective?
Objective/Purpose of Initiative
A brief statement on the objective or purpose of the initiative. 
Executive Summary  
All or part of this summary will be published after the winner is announced at the annual
What is your institution, state, or regional association's fiscal year?
Enter month/year to month/year

Initiative Implementation Date

Initiatives must have been implemented and evaluated within the last two years to be considered. Ongoing intiatives will be considered, if a full cycle of activity that allows for thorough evaluation has been completed.

Initiative Length

Approximate length of time in days, weeks, or months needed to complete the initiative from implementation to evaluation.
Number of People Involved in Initiative Development and/or Implementation
Cost of Initiative
An estimate of all expenses associated with the development and implementation of the initiative including all direct costs underwritten by others.  
Target Population

A brief description of the target population and an estimate of the population number to be served. 

People Reached
Actual number of people reached by the initiative. 
Contact Person 
Please identify the individual who can best answer questions about the initiative. This person need not be an officer at the institution, system, or association. The name of the contact person will be provided when the initiative description is published on NASFAA's website. 

Name of Institutional Member, Affiliate Member, State, or Regional President 
This should be the name of the person who is submitting this application. If this person is the same as the Contact Person, above, please include SAME in each field.  
Certification Statement  By submission of this nomination, I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the statements contained herein are accurate. I authorize NASFAA to publicize all or any portion of the information regarding this nomination for the purpose of describing the reasons that this nominee is deserving of this award.