The AskRegs Knowledgebase puts answers to your regulatory questions at your fingertips. If you can't find your answer in the Knowledgebase, simply submit a ticket and our experts will research your question and provide a comprehensive answer, including any applicable regulatory citations. That question and answer will then be added to the Knowledgebase to assist other student aid professionals with the same question. So, if you have a question, would like confirmation, or just want to make sure you’re going in the right direction, check out this members-only resource now! AskRegs Knowledgebase

Listed below are just a few of the other member-only products and services included with your dues - no extra fees!

Compliance Training and Resources
  • Annual Training Materials (formerly Fall Training)
  • AskRegs Knowledgebase and Assistance
  • Compiled Title IV Legislation (online publication)
  • Compiled Title IV Regulations (online publication)
  • Eligibility Checklist (online publication)
  • How To Guides: Award Letter, NPC, NPRM Need Analysis (online publications)
  • Monographs (online publications)
  • Policies and Procedures Tools (online tool)
  • Quick Reference Sheets (online documents)
  • Self-Evaluation Guide (online tool)
Management Tools & News
  • Today's News (daily email with original content and reporting)
  • Staffing Model & Report (online tool and publication)
  • Salary Model & Report (online tool and publication)
  • Financial Aid Night Event Kit (slide show, presenter’s guide, handouts, and more)
  • Financial Aid Speaker/Mentor Directory (online search)
  • Membership Directory (online search)
  • Career Center (resume posting, job searches)
  • Buyer's Guide (Associate Member directory online)
  • Policy Forecasts & Webinars (free for members)
  • Advocacy Pipeline & Calls to Action
  • Journal of Student Financial Aid (online publication)
  • National Profile (online publication)
  • Proactive Policy Reports
  • Numerous, ongoing policy initiatives, task forces, and thought groups
Member-Only Pricing
  • Career Center (job ad placements)
  • CORE In-Service Training Materials (also included in the Value membership upgrade package)
  • NASFAA Leadership Conference
  • NASFAA National Conference
  • NASFAA University (Courses, Self-Study Guides, On-site Training, and Testing; Self-Study Guides are also included in the Value Plus membership upgrade package)
  • NASFAA Webinars (also sold as a membership add-on package)
  • Standards of Excellence Review Program

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