Volunteer Opportunities

NASFAA offers many ways to get involved with your national association, including membership on our volunteer committees and task forces. These groups report to the National Chair and are established to help the Association meet its organizational goals. All committee/task force activities are subject to approval by the National Chair, Board of Directors, and/or President.

NASFAA's task force and committee structure varies from year-to-year, depending upon the needs of the association.  Currently NASFAA offers Task Force and Board Committee volunteer opportunities.

Task Forces

The majority of volunteer opportunities open to the membership take the form of topical Task Forces. These groups are convened as needed, for the amount of time needed to accomplish a specific goal or goals, as outlined in the Task Force charter (see additional information about volunteering for NASFAA in the Committee and Task Force Handbook). Task Force opportunities are made available to members through Today's News. Opportunities currently open, currently filled, or planned for are as follows:

Group   Start Date  End Date  Status 
Servicing Issues Task Force  6/14 11/14 Task force concluded; review report 
Professional Diversity Caucus  6/14 1/15 Task force concluded; report forthcoming
Web Redevelopment Task Force  4/14 7/15 Task force currently at work
50th Anniversary Task Force  6/14 7/16 Task force currently at work
Grad/Professional Issues Caucus  6/14 3/15 Task force currently at work
Leadership Conference: Association Management Track  8/14 3/15 Task force currently at work
Leadership Conference: New & Aspiring Directors Track  8/14 3/15 Task force currently at work
National Conference Program Task Force  8/14 7/15 Task force currently at work
Management Benchmarking Task Force  10/14 3/15 Task force currently at work 
R2T4 Task Force  11/14 6/15 Task force currently at work
Innovative Learning Models Task Force  11/14 6/15 Task force currently at work
Policy Rapid Response Network Task Force  11/14 6/15 Task force currently at work
Local Arrangements Task Force  1/15 7/15 Task Force currently at work
Annual Training Task Force  3/15 6/15 Volunteer window closed, selection in progress
2015 NASFAA Conference Mentor Task Force  4/15 7/15 Currently seeking volunteers


Board Committees

Three standing committees are required by NASFAA's bylaws/P&P and convened every year of members who are currently serving on the Board of Directors, or who have recently served. Those are: 

  • Association Governance: Reviews governing documents and policies of the association, makers long-term recommendations regarding NASFAA's mission and service to
  • members, and develops and monitors the strategic long-range plan. 
  • Financial Affairs: Oversees NASFAA's fiscal affairs, including the annual audit, and ensures that proper fiscal checks and balances are in place.
  • Nominations and Elections: Perpetuates the association's leadership roster and prepares the annual slate of candidates for National Chair and Board of Directors positions.

Considering Volunteering? Please keep in mind: 

  • To be eligible for selection, you must be from a member institution. In some cases, associate members and non-members are permitted to serve on committees, at the approval of the Board.
  • There are usually more volunteers than there are positions available, so it is not possible for everyone to receive an assignment. If you have volunteered in the past and have not been selected, please don't hesitate to volunteer again. Every effort will be made to find an appropriate assignment for you.
  • An individual's participation is generally limited to one committee to ensure greater membership participation.
  • NASFAA typically covers committee members’ travel expenses for in-person meetings in D.C.
  • The selection process is sensitive to the goal of broad representation with respect to ethnic origin, sex, region, and type and control of institution.

Other Ways to Get Involved: