National Conversation Initiative

NCI 2010Our National Conversation Initiative on Access and Aid for Student Success in Postsecondary Education fosters dialogue and builds consensus for effective student aid reforms, with the goal of enacting reforms that remove financial barriers to postsecondary education.

Begun in 2008, the project started with a year-long effort to gather input from thousands of financial aid professionals, public policy experts, and data from more than 40 related research studies. In April 2009, we published the initial project report proposing a coherent framework of 30 integrated recommendations for remaking the student aid system so it is more effective and efficient.

Since the launch of the preliminary recommendations, we continue to gather input from financial aid administrators and experts. The National Conversation continues, and we annually issue an update to highlight progress that has been made - or not -  through regulation, legislation, or other initiatives. 

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