NASFAA University Self-Study Guides

NASFAA University Self Study Guides

We're pleased to introduce Self-Study Guides as part of NASFAA University. Self-Study Guides are the answer to your training needs. Written for the independent learner, each Self-Study Guide includes multiple lessons with a variety of exercises to reinforce each lesson.  You'll do independent study and take quizzes in a traditional paper format (not online). Then you can qualify to take an examination and earn a professional credential. NASFAA University Self-Study Guides are available for purchase in our online store as downloadable PDF documents or printed books.

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  Preview Self Study Guide Self-Study Guides include: 

  • Learning objectives
  • Key concepts
  • Quick quizzes
  • Reflection questions
  • Learning activities

Choose from thirteen topics now available in Self-Study Guides, including the newest release, Satisfactory Academic Progress.

For individuals new to financial aid, NASFAA recommends moving through the credentials in the order shown. This is not a requirement but suggested, especially for those new to the profession.




Overview of Financial Aid Programs

August 2015 Order Now

Part 1


Application Process

August 2015 Order Now

Student Eligibility

August 2015 Order Now

Cost of Attendance

August 2015 Order Now


September 2015 Order Now

Part 2

Federal Pell Grants and Afghanistan Service Grants August 2015 Order Now

Campus-Based Programs

August 2015 Order Now

TEACH Grant Program

September 2015 Order Now

Direct Loans: Eligibility & Frequency

September 2015 Order Now

Direct Loans & FFEL: Repayment & Counseling Requirements

September 2015 Order Now

Packaging and Notification of Awards

Coming Soon  

Part 3


Return of Title IV Funds

August 2015 Order Now

Satisfactory Academic Progress

August 2015  Order Now

Consumer Information

September 2015 Order Now 

Need Analysis

August 2015 Order Now

Administrative Capability

Coming Soon  
Cash Management Coming Soon  

Professional Judgment

Coming Soon  


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