Statement of Appreciation

This award is presented to recognize and to thank an individual or individuals for service to NASFAA or the profession. In order to receive this award, the recipient should have performed some service or made a contribution to NASFAA or the profession (either a single achievement or a lifetime of service). It can recognize people upon retirement or leaving the profession.

This "all purpose" award is given by the National Chair. Nominations are not accepted. There were no Statement of Appreciation Award Winners in 2017.

2016 Statement of Appreciation Award Winners

Joe Paul CaseJoe Paul Case, Dean of Financial Aid, Emeritus, Amherst College

Case has more than 40 years of countless meritorious contributions to the profession. He is the past recipient of NASFAA’s Meritorious Achievement Award. Most recently, as a retiree he has performed yeoman’s work on NASFAA’s 50th Anniversary Task Force. Through his abundance of work for and with NASFAA, MASFAA, COFHE, College Board, and other organizations, he has been one of the principal architects of the financial aid system used today.

Clantha McCurdyClantha McCurdy, Senior Deputy Commissioner, Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, Office of Student Financial Assistance

NASFAA extends to Dr. Clantha McCurdy its sincerest appreciation for her role as chair of the 50th Anniversary Task Force. Over the past two years, she has provided dedication, leadership, and direction in planning the many special opportunities and events associated with NASFAA’s 50th anniversary. In addition to her work with the task force, McCurdy has been a devoted volunteer to NASFAA in several other capacities over the years, including serving as National Conference Chair for the 2013 Las Vegas Conference and Local Arrangements Chair for the 2011 Boston Conference. She embodies what it means to be a devoted, selfless volunteer to the financial aid profession, and NASFAA is grateful for her continued service.

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Publication Date: 6/29/2017

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