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Today's News for Friday, August 22, 2014 
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For nearly 30 years, Inceptia/NSLP has been developing and providing solutions schools need to help their students succeed. We have worked with over two million students and 5,500 schools, providing services including financial education and default prevention services. As a non-profit our focus is helping students, their families, and institutions.


Pilot Program Makes Great Strides In Increasing Income-Driven Repayment Applications

In a June Memorandum President Obama announced that, in addition to expanding the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) repayment option, improving loan counseling was chief among the administration's priorities. Obama tasked the Secretary of Education-- and Secretary of the Treasury, where appropriate-- with developing and implementing new strategies to get information about repayment options into the hands of the students who need it most. Over the last 10 months, the Department of Education's (ED) office of Federal Student Aid and the White House's Social and Behavioral Sciences Team have been working on an email campaign to do just that.

Behind the Scenes with Blondeen: Where The Mild Things Are

As my time with NASFAA comes to a close, I’ve been able to travel and reflect on my growth a bit. I’ve taken a few trips around the NASFAA office and met with staff members in order to get a better sense of how this well-oiled machine works. In addition to this, I had the opportunity to write a news article for Today’s News on the Student Loan Portfolio, so keep an eye out for that early next week. Check out my NASFAA Facebook album for some pictures I took over the weekend or have a look back at past issues of Behind the Scenes with Blondeen.

Journal Article Takes Alternate Look At Gainful Employment

Author Gabriel Serna digs into gainful employment regulation — and analysis it may lack — in a new Journal of Student Financial Aid article, "The 'Gainful Employment Rule' and Student Loan Defaults: How the Policy Frame Overlooks Important Normative Implications." "Given the great deal of attention focused on loan default rates and debt incurred by students at for-profit institutions, it is important to understand how the policy frame misses some rather important normative concerns," Serna writes. Dive into his points by reading the full article.

Relive 2013-14 With NASFAA

This past year was action-packed for NASFAA and our members! Relive the good times with "2013-14: A Year in Review," the slideshow that debuted at the NASFAA National Conference in Nashville. Set to a toe-tapping tune, it's a fun way to review state and regional events and accomplishments throughout the year, and to try to spot yourself, your friends, and your colleagues!


National News

More Voices Call For Equity, Not Just Access

"As the population of prospective college students becomes more diverse, efforts to expand their opportunities have come from not only advocacy groups and researchers, but also the White House," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

Scathing Report Says College Trustees Fail In Mission

"Trustees at many American colleges and universities abandoned the public trust and allowed standards to slip even as costs soared and public confidence in higher education declined, a report says," according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

State News

Maine's University System Gets Budget Boost From Out Of State

"There will be fewer first-time and transfer students in the University of Maine System this fall, but more of them are coming from outside the state and paying higher tuition - good news for the cash-strapped system," the Portland Press Herald reports.

Tuition Aid Ignores Most Older Students, Stymies Workforce Development, Michigan Group Says

"Michigan's tuition assistance programs largely leave older students out of luck, according to a report from the Michigan League for Public Policy," MLive reports.

Nevada: Students At For-Profit School Question Financial Aid

"8 News NOW has received letters from students at the Milan Institute, a for-profit trade school, who are concerned about financial aid money which involves tax dollars," 8 News NOW reports.

Oregon: Umpqua Community College Loan Default Rate Threatens Availability Of Financial Aid

"By one key measurement, more than one-third of Umpqua Community College's ex-students have defaulted on student loans," The News-Review reports.


Commentary: Increasing College Diversity

"In most four-year college strategic plans, there is a good-faith statement calling for increasing diversity as an institutional goal. There are good - even noble - reasons for doing so," Dr. Brian C. Mitchell writes for Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.



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