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Today's News for Thursday, July 31, 2014 
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For nearly 30 years, Inceptia/NSLP has been developing and providing solutions schools need to help their students succeed. We have worked with over two million students and 5,500 schools, providing services including financial education and default prevention services. As a non-profit our focus is helping students, their families, and institutions.


NASFAA Staff Share Key Federal Financial Aid Information On Capitol Hill

NASFAA's Policy and Federal Relations team hosted an event on Capitol Hill Wednesday to educate Congressional staff, members of the media, and organization representatives on the federal financial aid system. NASFAA members who weren't in attendance can view the entire presentation as a Prezi, and can see photos of the event on Facebook.

NASFAA Task Force Encourages Continuation, Modification of PSLF Program

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program should continue to be available to student loan borrowers with some modifications to improve and strengthen the program, NASFAA's PSLF Task Force says in its final report. The report and recommendations within will be utilized in NASFAA's reauthorization efforts. Visit NASFAA's Higher Education Act Reauthorization web center to find in-depth analyses from NASFAA staff on key proposals set forth by the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Get A Full Recap Of All That Took Place At The 2014 NASFAA National Conference

More than 2,500 financial aid professionals convened in Nashville, Tennessee starting on Sunday, June 30, for 4 days of activities centered on professional development– training sessions, up-to-date information on student aid programs from financial aid veterans, awards, product and software updates, and, of course, networking. Our new 2014 National Conference Highlights page features federal updates given by Department of Education officials on the final day of the conference, links to other conference video footage, conference-related Today's News articles, conference Facebook albums, and more. Catch up on what you missed or refresh your memory of all that happened while you were there!

NASFAA Webinar on Default Rates, Direct Loan Program Now Available On Demand!

Did you miss our June 23 webinar on institutional default rates and participation in the Direct Loan program? Watch it now on, free of charge! The webinar, "Tough Choices: Tackling Loan Indebtedness at Low-Cost Institutions," featured one institution that chose to leave the loan program and one institution that was considering doing so, but decided to stay in the program. In addition, NASFAA’s staff highlighted potential policy solutions and related advocacy work. The webinar is available free of charge until December 22, 2014. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from your colleagues on this important topic!


7-30: Errata and Updates - Volume 3 - Calculating Awards & Packaging [2014-2015 Federal Student Aid Handbook]

Federal Student Aid has made a substantive revision to Volume 3 – Calculating Awards & Packaging of the 2014-2015 Federal Student Aid Handbook.


National News

Families Borrow Less For College

"American families are relying more on their income and savings-and less on loans-to pay for college, according to an annual study by education lender Sallie Mae, formally known as SLM Corp," The Wall Street Journal reports.

Senators Introduce Data Privacy Changes To FERPA

"Senators Ed Markey and Orrin Hatch on Wednesday introduced changes to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, which would require institutions to have policies in place for protecting student data or risk losing federal funding," Inside Higher Ed reports.

The Invisible Force Behind College Admissions

"Despite the windowless, bunker-like atmosphere inside the Erie conference room of the Sheraton in downtown Chicago, Galen Graber has to be impressed by his audience: a swath of the 1,500 top admissions and financial aid officials from 635 different schools who have gathered to set policies that determine which kids get into which college and how much money they'll receive," Forbes reports.

Corinthian Is Shutting Down, But Its Students Are Still Stuck With Loan Debt

"Thanks to a quirk in federal law, only a sliver of students can get their debt forgiven when owed to a school that shuts down," according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

State News

In N.C., Debate Over An Aid Freeze-And What It Means To Be Affordable

"Affordability is the aim of countless proposed higher-education policies. The question is, affordability for whom?" The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

California: CCSF Applies for Accreditation 'Restoration' Option

"City College of San Francisco this week applied to have its accreditation status restored, a solution that could buy the college two more years to work on fixing problems the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges has identified," Inside Higher Ed  reports.

California: University Of Phoenix Barred From Enrolling Veterans In 7 Programs

"The action came after auditors found the for-profit college had violated a decades-old rule to prevent the improper targeting of veterans. The state order covers four undergraduate programs and three master's programs, including those in management, Web development and criminology," according to The Center for Investigative Reporting. 


Commentary: Manage Student Debt With Public-Private Partnerships

"While the public sector has attempted to confront student debt, it has not sufficiently engaged the private sector to address these issues. Companies should offer their employees assistance in loan repayment - in addition to any college tuition assistance program,"  Anwer Hasan, chairman of the Maryland Higher Education Commission, writes for The Baltimore Sun.

Editorial: Lawmakers, Universities Can't Let The Dream Of An Affordable Higher Education Slip Away

"It's one of the most cherished myths in America: The self-made man - or woman - who puts themselves on the road to success by working their way through college," the PennLive Editorial Board writes.

Blogs and Think Tanks

Student-Aid Group Suggests Changes In Loan Forgiveness For Public Service

NASFAA's "Public Service Loan Forgiveness Task Force offers several policy recommendations for improving the loan-forgiveness program," The Chronicle of Higher Education's The Ticker reports.


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