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Today's News for Thursday, January 29, 2015 
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2015 NASFAA Election Results

Congratulations to those elected by their colleagues to serve the association during the 2015-16 program year. Dr. Lisa Blazer was elected to serve as the National Chair for 2016-17 and will serve as National Chair-Elect for 2015-16. Angela K. Johnson, Ellen R. Neel, and Nick Prewett were elected to serve as Representatives-at-Large. We sincerely thank all candidates and members who voted in this year's election.

Partners In Policy: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Welcome to NASFAA's Partners in Policy, a new series in which we profile colleagues at the associations, foundations, and think tanks NASFAA works with to advance higher education and financial aid policies. In this installment, we profile Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation staff members Nick Lee and Sarah Bauder.

Improve Your Regulatory Compliance and Administrative Consistency with NASFAA’s Policies & Procedures Toolkit

NASFAA's Policies & Procedures Tools are a set of integrated resources that provide expert guidance and an organized approach to developing and maintaining policies and procedures. Want to gain a better understanding of the issues that should be taken into consideration when formulating policies, determine what policies and procedures are required, and navigate complex and ever-changing laws and regulations? The toolkit can help.

Over 848 Credentials Have Been Earned Through NASFAA University; Join Your Peers!

To date, there have been 848 NASFAA Professional Credentials earned across 10 subjects. View our Credentials Honor Roll to see our growing list of Credential earners, and learn how to receive your Professional Credentials. Once you’ve earned yours, you can add it to your resume in NASFAA's Career Center and narrow down your job search to positions that are looking for applicants with NASFAA Credentials.


National News

A Move To Simplify The Dreaded FAFSA

"The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is used by the federal government, states and colleges to figure out who gets aid, and how much," NPR Marketplace reports. "...The vast majority of students now fill it out online, says Justin Draeger, president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. 'Skip logic' technology lets them bypass questions that don't apply. 'The average student today can complete the entire FAFSA, start to finish, in 20 minutes,' Draeger says."

How to Give Prospective Students a Better Idea of What College Will Cost

"It's one of the big complaints about college admissions: Families don't learn a bottom-line price until quite late in the game. Net-price calculators were supposed to change all that," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

College Endowments See Another Year Of Growth

"The improving economy contributed to a second strong year in a row for colleges' endowment returns, according to an annual study released on Thursday," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

Sticking With Credit Hour

"The credit hour is an inadequate unit for measuring student learning. Yet no better replacement for higher education's gold standard has emerged, and getting rid of it right now would be risky," Inside Higher Ed reports.

Protect Cosigners, Families Of Student Loan Borrowers With Life Insurance

"Some student loan horror stories are truly awful. ... Family members may find themselves not just grappling with a death, but suddenly responsible for their loved one's student loans," according to U.S. News & World Report.

College Admissions Racket: They're Not Going To Let You In Anyway

"After losing interest in attending the University of Chicago, high school senior Sarah Schmoller didn't bother to apply before the Jan. 1 deadline. The university, though, wouldn't take no for an answer," Bloomberg Business reports.

Inside Higher Ed's Controlling Stake Investor Could Wield For-Profit College Influence

"Higher ed mavens were taken by surprise earlier this month when word got out that a controlling stake of Inside Higher Education, an online publication that covers the industry, was bought by Quad Partners, a New York private equity firm and an investor in for-profit colleges," MainStreet reports.

State News

Minnesota: Free College Sounds Great, But Skeptics Ask What's The Cost?

"Billed as a way to get more low-income high-school graduates into good jobs, free-college proposals such as the one proposed recently in the Minnesota Senate have been met with skepticism in some higher education circles," MPR News reports.


Opinion: No Easy Way Out, But Two Sides To The Student Loan Equation

"There is no easy way out of student loan debt. The options are clear: you have to pay it off, participate in a repayment program that offers some student loan forgiveness after 10 or more years, or work in a qualifying program for a certain amount of time to get student loan forgiveness," Robert Farrington writes in a Forbes opinion piece.

Opinion: Obama's Higher Education Policies Are Designed To Increase Dependence On Government

"As part of his State of the Union speech, President Obama proposed a partnership of federal and state government funding to make two years of community college free for everyone," Jeffrey Dorfman writes in an opinion piece for Forbes.

Opinion: How Student Debt Harms The Economy

"To the growing catalog of damage caused by the decades-long run-up in the cost of higher education, we may have to add another casualty," Mitch Daniels, president of Purdue University, writes in an opinion piece for The Wall Street Journal.



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