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Today's News for Friday, September 19, 2014 
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Congressional Report Offers New Look At College Price-Aid Relationship

Students, parents, and members of the media aren't the only stakeholders questioning the rising costs of attending college. Policymakers have inquired about it so many times that the Congressional Research Service (CRS) recently investigated, too.

Report: Student Loan Debt Preventing Many Parents From Saving For College

Income level, living expenses, and repaying their own student loan debt prevents many parents from savings for the higher education expenses of their children, according to a survey from the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards (CFP Board). While 83 percent of the 1,003 parents surveyed are currently saving or have plans to start saving for their children's higher education, 17 percent of parents are not and said they have no plans to do so.

Trending @ NASFAA: What Did Your School Do To Commemorate Constitution Day And Citizenship Day This Past Wednesday?

Each year on September 17, also known as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, higher education institutions must offer educational programs about the Constitution in order to remain eligible for Title IV funding. Fortunately, the law and accompanying regulations are incredibly flexible. Nearly a dozen of your peers have weighed in so far to tell us what their institutions did earlier this week to commemorate Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. Read through their comments to get ideas for next year or leave your own comment to share your ideas and suggestions with others.


National News

Wage Data Done Right

"Measuring the job-market returns of college credentials is complex work, according to researchers who gathered here this week for a meeting on higher education data. That makes it challenging, or even risky, for policy makers to use those metrics to hold colleges accountable," Inside Higher Ed reports.

So Your College Offers Students An 'Employment Guarantee'?

"[S]ome colleges do offer 'employment guarantees.' Understanding the promise-and motives-behind those efforts, though, turns out to be more complicated than the simple phrase suggests," according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

More Pressure Than Ever: The 2014 Survey Of College And University Admissions Directors

"Last year was a difficult one for college admissions -- with institutions reporting more and more difficulty filling their classes. Things aren't any better and they may be a little worse, according to the 2014 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Admissions Directors," Inside Higher Ed reports.

Charter One Becomes First National Bank To Offer Refinancing Of Federal Student Loans

"Charter One Bank and its parent company, Citizens Bank, said Tuesday it will become the first national bank to offer refinancing of federal student loans," the Beacon Journal reports.

State News

Higher Education Cuts Likely To Spare Va. Students

"Students likely will be insulated from $90 million in cuts the McAuliffe administration is seeking this fiscal year and next from Virginia's public colleges and universities," The Washington Post reports.

Bill To Freeze Tuition For N.J. College Students Advances

"Imagine this: Completing four years of college without seeing your tuition increase even once. A bill that has begun advancing in the New Jersey Legislature would make that a reality," reports.


Commentary: A Chronicle Reporter Wrote a Book About the Higher-Ed Crisis. These 5 Things Surprised Her the Most.

"College is often seen as central to the American Dream, a pathway to upward mobility for rich and poor alike. But the numbers show higher education is a road taken far more often by the haves than the have-nots," Goldie Blumenstyk writes for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Essay: Rethinking Open Access

"For all the innovation at community colleges today, it is curious that a 50-year-old conception of open access is considered so untouchable," Juliet Lilledahl Scherer, president of the Midwest Regional Association for Developmental Education, and Mirra Leigh Anson, director of the Upward Bound Project at the University of Iowa, write in an essay for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Blogs and Think Tanks

Higher-Ed Leaders Worry Most About Declining Enrollment, Survey Finds

"[KPMG] released its annual survey of 120 senior executives, mostly chief financial officers, chief academic officers, and controllers, at public and private colleges across the country," according to The Chronicle of Higher Education's The Ticker blog.

Good Food On A Graduate Stipend (Or Adjunct Wages)?

"I've seen a lot of buzz among grad-school friends lately about Good and Cheap, Leanne Brown's cookbook of 'delicious meals available to those on even the most strict of budgets,'" Dan Royles, a visiting assistant professor of U.S. history at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, writes in Vitae.




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