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Today's News for Wednesday, October 01, 2014 
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House Bill Seeks End To Student Loan Origination Fees

Picking up a persistent clamor from students and aid offices alike, Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA) has introduced legislation that would end the practice of charging origination fees on student loans.

Nominate Colleagues For NASFAA Leadership Positions By Nov. 3

Participating in the NASFAA election process is an important way to contribute to your association. NASFAA holds elections each year to select members to serve on its Board of Directors, which provides oversight and guidance for the direction of the association. There are four positions available: National Chair-Elect (1 position) and Representative-at-Large (3 positions). Details about each position are on the website. The NASFAA Board of Directors has a strong commitment to diversity and encourages nominations from underrepresented groups and institutions. The nomination deadline is Nov. 3. Nominate yourself or a colleague today.

NASFAA University Credential Testing Tool Temporarily Unavailable

The online NASFAA University testing tool is currently unavailable. During this time, users are not able to log in to the system or complete pre-tests or credential tests. You can still get information about how to earn NASFAA credentials at our NASFAA U Testing Center, and previously-purchased tests will be available when the system resumes operation. Service to the credential testing tool should be restored shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience.


National News

Federal Innovation Grants Unveiled

"The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it will award a total of $75 million to 24 colleges to support innovations in higher education," Inside Higher Ed  reports.

State News

Minnesota Student Loan Data Breach Not Criminal, Review Shows

"State computer experts found no evidence of criminal activity when private student data was exposed on the website of a student loan program, according to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education," The Pioneer Press reports.

For Talented, Low-Income Students, UNC Promises Chance To Graduate Debt-Free

"Kelli Hammond had a difficult decision to make - go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a school she had dreamed of attending her whole life, or go with the less expensive option of the University of North Carolina Wilmington," WRAL reports.

$22.4 Million Education Grant For NYS Announced By Cuomo

"Governor Cuomo announced on Monday that the U.S Department of Education has awarded New York State with a $22.4 million education grant," FOX 23 News reports.

Blogs and Think Tanks

Education Dept. Has Lax Oversight Of Third-Party Security, Audit Finds

"The Education Department is not doing enough to ensure that student-loan debt collectors and guarantors are safeguarding sensitive student-loan information," according to "Review of Federal Student Aid's Oversight and Monitoring of Private Collection Agency and Guaranty Agency Security Controls" by the Department's inspector general, The Chronicle of Higher Education's The Ticker blog reports.

The Future Of Higher Education

"With a number of leading for-profits beset by legal and financial woes, enrollment in online education leveling off, and MOOCs off the front pages, one might reasonably conclude that the threats to higher ed posed by what was hailed as 'disruptive innovation' have abated. No so," Inside Higher Ed's Higher Ed Beta reports.

The Obama Administration Is Building A Consumer Reports For Colleges

"The Education Department is working on a project that will make it the Consumer Reports of higher education: a system that rates colleges based on quality," Vox reports.

When Less Is More: A Closer Look At Higher Education

"Hundreds of thousands of high school seniors will apply to college this year, in hopes of being accepted by their first choice. However, is the higher monetary cost of a more elite university worth the added sticker price?" Mindy Crary writes in The Huffington Post's The Blog.

Proving Grounds For A New Model For Higher Education

"More than 20 million Americans are heading to campuses nationwide to commence the new academic year. They will be participating in a model of higher education that is under increasing strain," Zvi Galil, dean of computing at Georgia Tech, writes in The Huffington Post's The Blog.




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