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Today's News for Monday, September 15, 2014 
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NASFAA Testifies Before ACSFA On PIRS

As work moves forward with President Barack Obama's proposed college ratings system, the Department of Education should more clearly articulate what it aims to achieve with such a system, NASFAA Assistant Director of Federal Relations Jesse O'Connell testified Friday before the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Affairs. "The types of students enrolled at postsecondary institutions can vary widely," O'Connell said, adding that it is NASFAA's "belief that any rating system must adjust postsecondary outcomes for inputs such as the academic experience and backgrounds of entering students."

AskRegs Knowledgebase Answers: Are Hours Worked Under Federal Work-Study Subject to Health Insurance Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act?

Learn the answer to this question and learn how to instantly find credible and reliable solutions to your most pressing regulatory and compliance questions with NASFAA's AskRegs Knowledgebase. The Knowledgebase guide and video tutorials highlight the many features of this tool.


NASFAA is here to help you stay up to date on the top policy events occurring throughout the week in Washington, D.C. and, when applicable, across the country. This week, the Urban Institute will share findings from the Kids’ Share project and the American Council on Education will hold part 3 of 3 of its Faculty and Staff Training on Military Student Populations webinar series. Be sure to read Today's News next Monday for a rundown of the upcoming events for the week, and keep an eye out for additional coverage of some of The D.C. Docket events. 



9-12: COD Processing Update

The COD Processing Update provides information related to COD System processing and includes the following sections: COD News and Updates, Current Issues (with a subsection for All Programs, Direct Loans, and Grants), and Reminders.

9-12: September 29 Deadline for Responding to Invitation to Participate in the Experimental Sites Initiative

The Department of Education is accepting applications for participation in the new institutionally-based experiments under the Experimental Sites Initiative.

9-12: Federal Perkins Loan Program Processing and Reporting Requirement Reminders

As a reminder to all schools that participate in the Federal Perkins Loan (Perkins Loan) Program, the Department of Education is providing the following key program requirements concerning administrative responsibilities and reporting requirements.


Notice: System of Records Notice for Common Services for Borrowers (CSB) system

In accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, 5 U.S.C. 552a, the Chief Operating Officer for Federal Student Aid of the U.S. Department of Education publishes this notice to revise the system of records entitled "Common Services for Borrowers'' system (18-11-16), originally published in the Federal Register on January 23, 2006 (71 FR 3503).


National News

Social Security And Unpaid Student Loans: What The Feds Won't Tell You

"At a Senate Committee hearing this week, the Government Accountability Office, a research arm of the Congress, reported that 155,000 people last year had their Social Security checks docked to pay off a delinquent student loan. ... None of these reports, however, explains that the government doesn't actually consider Social Security and similar benefits as income under its income-based repayment plans for student loans," Jason Delisle writes for Forbes.

State News

Boost For Need-Based Aid

"States last year doled out roughly the same amount of student aid money in 2012-13 as they did the previous year, but they increased the share of money flowing to students based on financial need, according to a new survey published Monday," Inside Higher Ed reports.

California: $200,000 Financial Aid Scam Hits Bay Area College

"Police at the College of Marin are investigating 23 individuals suspected of posing as students in a plot to steal $200,000 in federal financial aid, some of which has already been paid out by the college," The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Pennsylvania: Lincoln Seeks To Lure Students With A Promise Tuition Won't Rise

"Lincoln University's promise got Aitza Hedgemond's attention: The incoming freshman's annual tuition would remain at $11,836 all four years, guaranteed," The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. "'Certainly this is something that has been coming up more in the past several years,' said Megan McClean, director of policy and federal relations for [NASFAA]. 'We think it's always beneficial when you can provide predictability for students and parents.'"

Tough Financial Love May Pay Off For Kentucky State University

"Taking the hard line with its finances, Kentucky State University released 645 of its students from enrollment for unpaid or neglected accounts on September 2. Just a week later, KSU has taken 452 of those students back," Diverse: Issues in Higher Education reports.


Opinion: The Way To Beat Poverty

"One reason the United States has not made more progress against poverty is that our interventions come too late," Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn write in an opinion piece for The New York Times.

Opinion: Obama's Gainful Employment Rule

"Earlier this year, the Obama administration revived an effort to target for-profit colleges through a proposed rule on 'gainful employment.' If implemented, this ill-conceived regulation will prove a huge blow for low-income working families and students from underserved communities, including single parents, veterans and minorities," Mario H. Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, writes for The Hill.

Blogs and Think Tanks

How To Pay Your Student Loans While You're Still In School

"It's easy to ignore your student loans while you're in school - if no bills are due, why would loan payments be on your mind? It's a practical strategy to wait till you've graduated to start repaying your debt, but you can make your loans more affordable if you start chipping away at it early," reports in its blog. The blog features comments from NASFAA's Megan McClean and Karen McCarthy.

The State Of U.S. Education: Above-Average Spending, Below-Average Graduation Rates

"New data out this week paint a less-then-flattering portrait of the U.S. education system," The Washington Post's Wonk Blog reports.

Making Top Colleges Less Aristocratic And More Meritocratic

"Education is supposed to be America's primary engine for social mobility, but growing economic inequality is vividly reflected in our nation's top colleges," The New York Times' The Upshot blog reports.



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