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Today's News for Thursday, October 30, 2014 
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What Would You Do? Exploring Ethics In Award Letters

Financial aid administrator John wants to update his institution’s financial aid award letter to clearly delineate between grants, loans, and other forms of aid. The institution’s administration doesn’t mind emphasizing gift aid, but fears that emphasizing the repayment aspect of loans will scare prospective students away. In the debut of this new series, Exploring Ethics, we ask three aid administrators how they would handle this situation. How would you advise John?

Poll The Pros: What Is The Most Common Professional Judgement (PJ) Adjustment Request Your Office Receives?

Under the Higher Education Act of 1965, financial aid administrators have the authority to make Professional Judgment (PJ) adjustments for students who have special circumstances. We're curious: What is the PJ adjustment request related to cost of attendance (COA) your office receives most frequently? Please take a second to complete this poll to let us know what type of request you get most often. Once you've submitted your answer you'll be able to see how your office compares to that of your peers. Take the poll now! 

University of Texas Uses Data Tool To Get Students Thinking About Their Future

A new online tool from the University of Texas System aims to help students make more informed decisions about their education and future careers by offering comprehensive data on employment outcomes of UT graduates.

Submit Interest Session Proposals For The 2015 National Conference By 5:00 PM ET Tomorrow

NASFAA’s 2015 Conference Program Task Force is requesting interest session proposals for the 2015 NASFAA National Conference, set for July 19 - 22, 2014 in New Orleans, LA. The Task Force recognizes that an outline or detailed description may not be available at this early date. Sessions may be submitted without the detailed description and may be selected conditionally if space permits. Check out the guidelines for submitting a proposal and use the online submission form to submit your session by 5:00 pm ET tomorrow.

Over 600 Credentials Have Been Earned Through NASFAA University; Join Your Peers!

To date, there have been 605 NASFAA Professional Credentials earned across 10 subjects. View our Credentials Honor Roll to see our growing list of Credential earners, and learn how to receive your Professional Credentials. Once you’ve earned yours, you can add it to your resume in NASFAA's Career Center and narrow down your job search to positions that are looking for applicants with NASFAA Credentials.


10-29: Loan Servicing Information - 2014 Servicing Summit on December 1, 2014

The Department of Education announces that it will convene its first Servicing Summit on Monday, December 1, 2014, in advance of the 2014 FSA Training Conference for Financial Aid Professionals being held in Atlanta, Georgia.

10-29: FISAP Edit Corrections and Perkins Cash on Hand Update Due December 15, 2014

This announcement provides a reminder of the deadline for these actions as well as information to help schools accomplish any changes to the Fiscal Operations Report for 2013-2014 and the Application to Participate for 2015-2016 (FISAP) and correction of any edit errors must be submitted to the Department of Education.


National News

10 Tools To Use For A Tailored College Cost Estimate

"For many students, what they'll pay to attend college​ isn't clear. ​But paying for college doesn't have to remain a mystery," according to U.S. News & World Report. "'While [online tools] might not be able to offer​ a precise number, they give families a ballpark,' says Megan McClean, the National Association of [Student] Financial Aid Administrators'​ managing director of policy and federal relations."

In The Final 'Gainful Employment' Rule, A Key Measure Vanishes

"The Education Department will release on Thursday the final version of its 'gainful employment' rule-the subject of years of intense debate, revision, and litigation," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

State News

Connecticut: $10 Million Gift For Chinese Student Scholarships At Yale

"A $10 million gift to Yale University will go toward scholarships for low-income Chinese students," Inside Higher Ed reports.


Commentary: Sen. Durbin: Right Issue, Wrong Focus

"For some years now, Sen. Richard J. Durbin, a Democrat from Illinois, has waged a war against for-profit colleges and universities," Paul Alexander writes in a commentary piece for Roll Call.

Blogs and Think Tanks

Are Online Courses Democratizing Education Or Killing Colleges?

"There's a debate whether a recent boom in online-university courses democratizes higher education, or provides a playground for the wealthy," The Wall Street Journal's Digits reports.

Student Debt V. Student Savings

"The government has stacked the financial aid system in favor of debt. You can get a 10-year term loan with a four-year grace at cut rates with no credit check. Oh, and much of the loan may be forgiven. It's the sweetest loan in America," Bob Hildreth, founder and executive director of FUEL Education, writes The Huffington Post's The Blog.




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