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Today's News for Tuesday, October 21, 2014 
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End The Student Loan Tax

"There is a growing and warranted concern over student loan debt in this country. On a daily basis we are reminded about record levels of student debt, stories of struggling borrowers, and general anxiety among Americans about the cost of college. Add to this a little known fact that students and parents are actually being taxed on their federal student loans. It has to stop," Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA) and NASFAA President Justin Draeger write in an exclusive op-ed for The Hill.

Paper Explores Income Share Agreements, Encourages Broader Adoption

As new and innovative ways to help students pay for higher education are considered, income share agreements (ISAs) "should have a place in the landscape" and deserve more attention from policymakers, according to a new paper from the Brookings Institute.

NASFAA Invites Applications For Project Manager

NASFAA has recently received two separate grants related to federal student aid from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as part of their Reimagining Aid Design and Delivery (RADD) initiative. Under direction of the Director of Policy and Federal Relations, the Project Manager will be responsible for the overall planning, management, implementation, and completion of the work related to NASFAA’s grants from the Gates Foundation. Applications received by October 31, 2014 will be given priority.

Earn Your Campus-Based Programs Credential

Just released! This intermediate level credential test focuses on options for using funds, including transferring funds between programs and carry forward/carry back provisions, awarding criteria for FSEOG, the community service requirements for Federal Work-Study, and the disclosure and counseling requirements, as well as repayment features, for the Federal Perkins Loan. Be one of the first to earn a Campus-Based Programs Credential from NASFAA University!

NASFAA Partners with Association for the Study of Higher Education to Link Research on Financial Aid to Practice

If you are your institution's primary NASFAA contact, yesterday you should have received an email from us with a link to the 5-minute NASFAA survey on financial aid research. The purpose of the survey is to gain a better understanding of how researchers and financial aid practitioners can best work together so that research can help to inform practice, and vice versa. We encourage all primary contacts to complete the survey as requested by Friday, October 31, 2014. Responses will remain confidential and individual institutions will not be identified. Again, please refer to your email for the link to the survey.


10-20: Final Regulations Implementing the Violence Against Women Act

On June 20, 2014, the Secretary published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) (79 FR 35417) in the Federal Register to implement changes the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) made to the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act).


Final Rule: Violence Against Women Act

The Secretary amends the Student Assistance General Provisions regulations issued under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA), to implement the changes made to the Clery Act by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA). These regulations are intended to update, clarify, and improve the current regulations.


National News

5 Myths About Student Financial Aid

"It's time for thoughts about college applications, which means students are filled with anxiety over whether they will get into their dream school, quickly followed by their (and their parents') panic over how they will pay for it. For those already in school, this is a time of sticker shock as tuition bills for the new semester start to arrive," The Chicago Tribune reports. "'The words 'independent' and 'dependency' can get confusing and often trip people up,' said Justin Draeger, president and chief executive of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. 'It really boils down to whether the federal government views your family as being responsible to help pay for your education — which in most cases, for traditional college-aged students, they do.'"

Student Loans And Political Ads

"As Democrats look to keep control of the U.S. Senate and hold on to House seats, they are continuing to raise student loans as an issue in this fall's election," Inside Higher Ed reports.

Public-College Leaders Rail Against Education Dept.'s 'Regulatory Culture'

"Ted Mitchell, under secretary of education, began his speech to a roomful of higher-education leaders on Monday with a conciliatory tone, stressing that the U.S. Department of Education shared a goal with them of serving the public good," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

Benchmark Survey Finds A Continued Rise In Giving To Colleges

"Wall Street may have had a rough spell recently, but longer-term growth in the national economy and strong gains in the stock market drove fund-raising gains last year at universities and colleges across the country," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

America May Never Have A Draft Again. But We're Still Punishing Low-Income Men For Not Registering

"This may be a nation with an all-volunteer military, one that ended conscription more than 40 years ago, but federal law still requires men 18 to 25 to register for a draft that does not exist," The Washington Post reports.

ITT Enrollment Declines Not As Steep As Feared

"For-profit educator ITT Educational Services Inc. said Friday that its enrollment figures have declined less than expected in recent months while its cash position has improved, offering some relief for its beleaguered stock," The Wall Street Journal reports.

State News

Louisiana: BBB Alerts Consumers To Sunrise Student Loan Services

"Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana is alerting local consumers to Sunrise Student Loan Services. Hopeful about the opportunity to consolidate student loans and reduce monthly payments, many consumers allegedly paid the company hundreds of dollars, only to allegedly experience failed promises," KATC reports.


Opinion: There Are More Important Things Than Saving For College

"When [The New York Times'] financial columnist, Ron Lieber, shot me an email requesting an interview to follow up on a post I had written for Motherlode about not having saved money to send our children to college, I had mixed feelings," Meadow Rue Merrill writes for The New York Times' Motherlode blog.

Column: U.S. Student Loan Debt Is Not Killing Homeownership

Is surging student debt really preventing an entire generation from becoming first-time homebuyers? That's true, to an extent, but also mischaracterizes education debt as holding most people back, rather than helping them get ahead," Liz Weston writes for Reuters.

Blogs and Think Tanks

'Reverse Transfer' Project Aims To Ease The Way To Associate Degrees

"A new project from the National Student Clearinghouse will aim to provide an automated way for students who transfer from two-year institutions to four-year institutions to receive associate degrees," The Chronicle of Higher Education's The Ticker reports.



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