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Today's News for Thursday, August 21, 2014 
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NASFAA Members Share FWS Experience, Career Impact

NASFAA recently asked our members to share their stories of starting their careers through the Federal Work Study (FWS) program - and boy, did you share! We received more than 50 responses to our request, demonstrating the impact FWS has had on the financial aid community for more than 40 years. We have compiled a sampling of stories shared by your colleagues about what FWS has done for them, personally and professionally. Read what they had to say and share your own FWS story in the comments section.

Willing To Do Financial Aid Nights At Local High Schools?

If you have significant financial aid experience and enjoy sharing your wisdom with others, volunteer your services using NASFAA's online Speaker and Mentor Directory. Simply log in to your myNASFAA profile, scroll down to click “Edit,” navigate to the Demographic Information tab, and scroll down to the “Speaker/Mentor Directory Listing.” Once you complete your profile, your information will be saved in the NASFAA database and you can update it any time. Users can search for a) mentors to financial aid administrators, b) mentors to high school guidance counselors, c) speakers for financial aid meetings or training events, and d) speakers for high school events. If you are ready to add your name and expertise, please log in to your profile now.

Learn Best Practices, Strategic Advice In Voices From the Aid Office

Are you struggling to communicate difficult financial aid information? Wondering how to best promote financial literacy on your campus? In Voices From the Aid Office, an occasional Today's News series, we feature best practices from NASFAA members on common issues facing financial aid offices. Explore our Voices From the Aid Office Center to read anecdotes, advice, and innovative ideas on a variety of topics from colleagues across the country. If you would like to suggest a topic for a future Voices From the Aid Office article, please e-mail us at


National News

White House Tries A New Tactic On Student Debt: Email Alerts

"Could unsolicited email help solve the nation's student-debt crisis? The White House, at least, thinks it's worth a try," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

Bank Lobby Hits Back At Campus Debit Card Warnings

"A group that represents consumer banks is pushing back against warnings by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that undisclosed arrangements between banks and colleges to market financial products may pose a risk to consumers," Inside Higher Ed reports.

The Student Loan Crusader: How Elizabeth Warren Wants To Reduce Debt

"As a first-term senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren is advancing her fight for middle-class families with a legislative agenda focused on college affordability and student debt," Rolling Stone reports.

NCAA's Strongest Argument Might Be Cap Limit

"The NCAA's best argument against the Ed O'Bannon ruling may be the financial limits imposed by U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken - the same ones the NCAA lauded in her decision," The Associated Press reports.

Arguments For The Value Of College, Even As Completion Lags

"College prices and student debt levels rose again this past year, fueling debate about the value of a degree, which many who enrolled did not achieve," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

Are International Students Satisfied?

"An analysis of satisfaction surveys from 60,000 international students at 48 universities in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia reveals that students are, by and large, satisfied, but that satisfaction levels vary by country of origin and that large proportions of undergraduate international students from a single country can inhibit integration," Inside Higher Ed reports.

HBCUs Looking Abroad In Effort To Remain Competitive

"HBCUs have a rich heritage of educating generations of political, business and scientific leaders from Africa and Asia and developing partnerships with institutions overseas. ... But these days many HBCUs lag behind predominantly White institutions in international engagement," Diverse: Issues in Higher Education reports.

State News

New York Gives Tuition Break To Veterans

"New York is encouraging veterans to go back to school and making it easier for the families of service members who relocate to the state," The Associated Press reports.


University Of Maryland To Guarantee Athletic Scholarships Through Graduation

"The University of Maryland says it will start guaranteeing scholarships to student-athletes until they graduate, regardless of injury or on-field performance," The Associated Press reports.


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