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Today's News for Tuesday, July 29, 2014 
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NASFAA To Host Financial Aid Event Tomorrow in D.C.

For the fourth year in a row, NASFAA will host an event to inform Congressional staff and the general public about the state of federal financial aid. The "2014 NASFAA National Profile Briefing" will be held tomorrow from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm in room 2175 at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C. NASFAA presenters will cover federal financial aid programs, need analysis, and NASFAA tools, among other topics. If you live in the D.C. area, it’s not too late to attend. Stay tuned for an online version of NASFAA's presentation and peruse historical data from past National Profiles in NASFAA's online National Student Aid Profile center.

Meet The 2014-15 NASFAA Board Of Directors

The 2014 National Conference in Nashville marked the annual transition in leadership for NASFAA. On Tuesday July 1, 2013-14 National Chair Craig Munier passed the gavel to 2014-15 National Chair Eileen O'Leary, who will lead this year’s Board of Directors. Check out photos and bios for all members of NASFAA’s Board of Directors.

NASFAA DME Intern Tracker: Charlotte (Etier) Pollack

NASFAA didn't have to go far to catch up with former Dallas Martin Fund for Education in Public Policy and Student Aid (DME) Intern Charlotte Etier, as just last week, she joined the organization full time as our new Research Analyst! That's only one exciting development in Charlotte's life since she completed her internship with NASFAA in the summer of 2013. She got married (and now goes by Charlotte Pollack), worked on the financial aid front lines, and recently relocated to Washington, D.C.

Overheard: What Members Say About NASFAA University

NASFAA University offers a nationally-recognized, consistent, and rigorous program of education in administering the Title IV student financial aid programs. Both new and seasoned financial aid professionals will benefit from a NASFAA University education. Read the testimonials to see what members have to say about NASFAA University, and get started earning professional credentials for your professional development activities today!


National News

Within Striking Distance

"Americans who attended college for a while but never earned a credential might be the key to achieving the ambitious college completion goals the White House and influential foundations have set," Inside Higher Ed reports.

Push On Counseling

"The White House's higher education summit in January, as some critics described it, was all about appealing to the cameras. … But the administration's first public event following up on that summit, hosted here on Monday, was decidedly less publicity-focused," Inside Higher Ed reports.

Report: Work-Study Students More Likely To Graduate

"Students who participate in the federal work-study program are more likely to graduate and be employed six years after college than their similar counterparts who don't participate in the program, according to a new study," Inside Higher Ed reports.

Investors Help The Rich Pay Off Student Loans

"Social Finance, a company that uses crowdfunding to refinance student debt, just packaged a bunch of those loans and sold them," CNN Money reports.

How Money Ranked The Best Colleges

"Here's how we determined which of the nation's roughly 1,500 four-year colleges and universities give you the best value for your money," Money writes.

State News

N.H. Students Press For College Loan Relief

"Theo Groh and other Young and College Democrats are asking citizens to sign a petition urging Congress to pass legislation that would allow former college graduates to refinance their student loans," Seacoast Media Group reports.

Pennsylvania: Phila. School Budget Cuts Eat Into College Admissions

"District-level data are not yet available, but some counselors, in interviews, said they had seen evidence of collateral damage of the worst financial crisis the school system has ever had: a drop-off in college-going rates," The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Virginia: UVa Panel Weighs Borrowing Up To $100M To Jumpstart AccessUVa Foundation

"The University of Virginia is considering taking out a loan of up to $100 million to jumpstart funding for its financial aid program, AccessUVa," The Daily Progress reports.


Opinion: Perception Of Public Higher Ed Does Not Match Facts

"While the level of national debt is real, the picture for the average student is less bleak," Tony Frank, president of Colorado State University, writes in an opinion article for The Denver Post.

Editorial: John Hoffmire: High Levels Of Student Debt Affect Many Parts Of Economy

"One of the key ingredients to a growing economy is an educated and well-trained workforce. To this end, our society has invested heavily in higher education to continuously develop the knowledge and skills of the next generation," John Hoffmire writes in an editorial for Deseret News.

Blogs and Think Tanks

Building A Better College Ranking System. Wait, Babson Beats Harvard?

"For a long time, U.S. News & World Report had a monopoly on the college rankings game. … But in recent years, there has been a profusion of rankings competitors, each with a different perspective on what 'best colleges' really means," The New York TimesThe Upshot reports.



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