Student Loan and Teacher Preparation Negotiated Rulemaking

The U.S. Department of Education announced on May 5, 2011 that it would establish two negotiated rulemaking (neg reg) committees to prepare proposed regulations for: 

The goal of the committees is to develop proposed regulations under the Higher Education Act (HEA) that reflect a final consensus (no dissent by any negotiators) of the committees. If the committees are unable to reach consensus the Department will have authority to propose any regulatory language it chooses. 

The committees are comprised of negotiators who represent organizations and groups with interests that are significantly affected by the topics. This includes NASFAA members from various types of institutions and Department officials. 

Throughout 2011, the Department solicited information from the public for these rounds of negotiated rulemaking through regional hearings, roundtable discussions, and in writing.


Department of Education Neg Reg Center