Answers to Application Process Sample Test

All tests will include a combination of multiple-choice and scenario-based questions. The following examples are similar in structure and scope to the questions that will appear on the test for this topic.

1. The FAFSA is used to

    • calculate the EFC based on income, net worth of investments, and consumer debt.
    • determine a student’s eligibility for federal student aid and student loan forgiveness.
    • CORRECT: verify a student’s eligibility through database matches, and calculate the EFC.
    • compute the COA at each school listed by the student.

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2. When completing the FAFSA, a student whose divorced or legally separated parents are not living together must provide household and income information for

    • the parent (and spouse, if re-married) who claimed the student as a dependent according to the IRS rules for qualifying children.
    • both parents (and spouses, if re-married) if the student lived with both parents equally during the prior 12 months.
    • CORRECT: the parent (and spouse, if re-married) with whom the student lived most during the prior 12 months.
    • neither parent if the student has not lived with either parent during the prior 12 months.

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3. Financial aid administrators who submit a student’s FAFSA through FAA Access to CPS Online must

    • verify all income data before submission using an IRS tax return transcript.
    • document that the student has limited or no internet access.
    • add additional schools upon request, even if the student does not receive aid or enroll at that school.
    • CORRECT: retain the signed signature page or signed FAFSA for three years from the end of the award year.

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4. A student’s claim of U.S. citizenship is verified by a match with the __________ database.

    • CORRECT: Social Security Administration
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
    • Department of Justice

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5. Which one of the following dates is considered the date the institution receives the ISIR?

    • The date the CPS receives the ISIR transaction
    • CORRECT: The date the CPS processes the ISIR transaction
    • The date the ISIR transaction is sent to the school’s SAIG mailbox
    • The date the school loads the ISIR transaction into the school’s system

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Publication Date: 2/15/2017

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