Certified Financial Aid Administrator™ (CFAA) Exam

CFAA LogoTo become a Certified Financial Aid Administrator™ (CFAA), you must demonstrate your knowledge of Title IV financial aid by passing the CFAA Exam. You may purchase the CFAA Exam upon approval of your CFAA application.

The CFAA Exam will be:

To prepare for the CFAA Exam, review the CFAA Exam Content Outline and CFAA Core Resources list in the CFAA Candidate Handbook. Be sure to review the How-To Guide in the Appendix.

You will find out whether you passed immediately after submitting your completed exam. Your test score and the passing score will not be visible. Instead, you will be able to view a diagnostic report showing your performance in each content area.

If you are not successful, you may purchase one additional attempt that must be completed within one year from the date of approval. To prepare to retake the CFAA Exam, consider additional professional development opportunities and review the list of core resources identified in the CFAA Candidate Handbook.

Successful CFAA candidates will receive special recognition and benefits. For example, each time you certify or recertify, you will receive a complimentary certificate and lapel pin in the mail, and you will have the opportunity to purchase a frame for your certificate. To acknowledge your accomplishment, your name will be added to the CFAA Registry, unless you opt out by notifying CFAA Program staff at cfaa@nasfaa.org.

For More Information

CFAA Candidate Handbook  |  CFAA FAQs  |  Email cfaa@nasfaa.org

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