NASFAA University Online Courses - 2014-15

NU - Online Course IconWe're pleased to introduce online facilitated courses as part of NASFAA University! Continuing into the next year, the following courses are scheduled for the 2014-15 year. Each class includes 4 weeks classes and 2 weeks testing, unless otherwise noted.  These collaborative learning sessions bring minds and ideas together despite distances. Online courses help you become more proficient, more knowledgeable, and more valuable to your organization, and offer you the option to work towards earning a professional credential from NASFAA. 

NASFAA training staff will guide you through the course and answer questions. Each course:

  • Includes a live facilitator
  • Offers video-enhanced lectures, live chat, and meaningful online discussions and resources
  • Includes quizzes and homework assignments
  • Qualifies learners to take a credential test in the subject area

The single course pricing is being offered for members and non-members at $199 for non-credential courses and $299-$499 for credential courses. Seating for most courses is limited to 35 attendees; Overview of Financial Aid Programs is limited to 70 participants. Seating for our online courses is limited to ensure that we provide an effective, collaborative learning environment where participants receive the attention they need.  See what your colleagues have to say, and register now to secure your spot!  

Course Name  Begin Date   End Date  Fee   
Student Eligibility  9/15/14 10/26/14 $299  Sold Out  
Campus-Based Programs  9/16/14 10/27/14 $299  Sold Out  
Verification  10/13/14 11/23/14 $299  Sold Out  
Return of Title IV Funds  10/14/14 11/24/14 $299  Sold Out  
Cost of Attendance  11/18/14 1/18/15*  $299 Register 
Overview of the Financial Aid Programs
3-week course – no test 
12/1/14 12/21/14 $199 Register 
Packaging and Award Notifications
5 weeks of classes 
1/20/15 3/9/15 $349 Register 
Federal Methodology
final live class on 2/18 due to holiday  
1/26/15 3/10/15 $299 Register 
Federal Pell Grant
6 weeks of classes 
2/23/15 4/19/15 $399 Register 
Federal Direct Student Loan Program
8 weeks of classes 
3/3/15 5/12/15 $499 Register 
Satisfactory Academic Progress  4/6/15 5/17/15 $299 Register 
Professional Judgment
final live class on 5/27 due to holiday
5/4/15 6/16/15 $299 Register 
Cash Management  5/5/15 6/15/15 $299 Register 
Overview of the Financial Aid Programs
3-week course – no test 
6/1/15 6/21/15 $199 Register 
* Extra time for test due to holidays