Connecticut: Financial Aid Website Clarified After Investigation

"Quinnipiac and more than 100 colleges may have violated the Higher Education Act, according to a Feb. 3 letter from a Maryland congressman to the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan," The Quinnipiac Chronicle reports

"In a Democratic Committee investigation led by Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, the committee found 111 colleges’ websites make it seem like students are required to fill out forms other than the FAFSA to apply for federal aid, according to the letter.

Students must fill out the CSS Profile to get aid from Quinnipiac, not the federal government, according to Dominic Yoia, associate vice president and university director of financial aid.

'Not a single one of [the colleges in Cummings’ letter] said you had to fill out a profile form to get federal aid,' Yoia said. 'But he was inferring that by not specifying that, you were in violation of some regulation, which is just untrue.'

The financial aid office clarified the university’s website as soon as it found out about the investigation. ... 

Quinnipiac is working with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, which will draft a letter to the Secretary of Education explaining the position of the colleges mentioned in Cummings’ letter."

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