Previewing The Higher Ed Act

There are many ideas "that various higher education groups have put forward in their initial recommendations for how Congress might consider rewriting the Higher Education Act, if and when lawmakers actually get around to considering the main federal law governing federal programs for students and higher education," Inside Higher Ed reports. "Given recent history and the legislative gridlock in this city, Congress may not actually renew the law until President Obama’s successor is in office. But the education committee House of Representatives at least got the process started by requesting advice -- and in response to a Friday deadline its leaders set, college and other groups flooded the panel with recommendations for revising the law. ... Friday’s House deadline brought proposals from several higher education associations, including a consensus document drafted by the American Council on Education on behalf of about 40 college and accrediting groups, as well as individual plans from a pair of community college groups and the Association of American Universities. (A task force of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators has its own draft plan.) Consumer groups such as the Institute for College Access and Success also submitted statements, and the main advocate for for-profit colleges, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities, released its own reauthorization plan several months ago. What follows is a look at how the groups weighed in on some of the key issues Congress and the Obama administration (which has yet to come forward with its own reauthorization plan) are likely wrestle with as they consider the Higher Education Act."

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