Video: Prior-Prior Year Income Data With NASFAA's Gigi Jones

"Policy experts have argued that allowing students to submit earlier data, called prior-prior year (PPY), would make filing the FAFSA easier. To address concerns about PPY and how it might affect student aid eligibility, the National Association for Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) analyzed more than 70,000 students records over five years," according to the National Association for College Admission Counseling. In a video for NACAC, NASFAA's Director of Research Gigi Jones discusses findings from the NASFAA report "A Tale of Two Income Years: Comparing Prior-Prior Year and Prior Year Through Pell Grant Awards." "The two major points that we wanted to highlight is the idea of early awareness as well as simplifying the FAFSA process. Prior-Prior Year does get at both," Jones told NACAC. "Basically the bottom line is we're giving more time to students to get prepared for college and their costs. We need as much support as possible; it can't be just the financial aid administrators saying, 'Do this.' ... A good conversation with the NACAC members is the next step for NAFSAA."


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