Virginia: Federal Government Shutdown May Have Slight Impact At The College Of William And Mary

"As day four of the government shutdown begins, day-to-day operations at the College of William and Mary remain unchanged," The Flat Hat reports. "Because the College receives a small percentage of federal funding and that funding is protected, the school will function normally during the government hiatus. Financial aid will continue to be funded to the school and students. According to faculty members, the biggest effect of the shutdown is the ability to procure grants. ... In terms of student aid, Director of Financial Aid Ed Irish was reassured by a statement released by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. The NASFAA is the College’s national aid group. 'Because most of the Federal Student Aid programs are forward funded (i.e., funding for the current award year primarily comes from last year’s budget), most of the funding is already in place for the 2013-14 award year,' the NASFAA statement said. While federal aid offices are closed, the NASFAA said most Title IV processors, call centers and websites will remain operational. However, funding could be impacted if the shutdown is prolonged. ... In the meantime, another deadline looms which could affect financial aid. The U.S. Treasury department will most likely run out of borrowing options mid-October. NASFAA said a failure to raise the debt ceiling could potentially disrupt student aid funding."

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