Membership Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is myNASFAA? Do I need to be a member?

myNASFAA is your professional account with NASFAA. It includes your personal contact information, online preferences, professional interests, experience, and more. Members and non-members can create a myNASFAA Account, but only members can access NASFAA's premium content. Your myNASFAA Account goes with you when you change jobs as long as you notify us.

Anyone who wants to conduct business with NASFAA on the web – including registering for a conference or webinar, or purchasing a publication – must have a myNASFAA Account. You do not need to be a NASFAA member to have an account.

If you receive Today's News, have ever attended a NASFAA event, or purchased a NASFAA product, there is a good chance you already have a myNASFAA Account.

Remember: a myNASFAA Account does NOT automatically give you access to premium content on the NASFAA website. If you are at a member institution or organization, the Primary Contact needs to assign you access. If you are not affiliated with a member institution or organization, review the options to Join NASFAA.

How do I create a myNASFAA account?

There is a three-step process for creating a new myNASFAA account.  As part of this process, the system will confirm an account doesn’t already exist for you. You can also select your employer so you can begin taking advantage of certain benefits immediately after your account is created.

How do I view my myNASFAA account information?

Once logged in, select myNASFAA from the top of any page on the site. Links are also available in your website dashboard.

Is my school a NASFAA member?

To find out if your school is a NASFAA member, once logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the Contact Information page to review your membership status. If you need assistance, contact NASFAA Membership Services at or (202) 785-0453 x 1.

What is a Primary Contact?

The Primary Contact serves as the Institutional/Organizational Representative and manages the membership account.

What is a Secondary Contact?

Often, the Secondary Contact is the second in command, an assistant, or a secretary. Secondary Contacts can manage institution rosters. Only one secondary contact can be assigned per NASFAA membership.

Where can I find out who our Primary or Secondary Contact is?

In the myNASFAA area, on the Contact Information tab, the Primary and Secondary Contact are listed along with your membership status.

Can I renew my membership online?

Primary or Secondary Contacts can renew NASFAA membership online. Once either of these two people have done so, membership for all colleagues will automatically renew as well.

Where can I retrieve a copy of NASFAA's W-9?

NASFAA's W-9 form is available for download.

I was the Primary Contact but have switched jobs. The system won't let me detach from my old employer. How do I change my institution/organization?

Please contact NASFAA Membership Services at or (202) 785-0453 x 1.

I changed my institution/organization but the information did not save. What am I doing wrong?

After you select your new institution/organization or add a new one, hit save and return to the Edit screen. Then hit save on the bottom of the Edit screen before exiting.

On the Edit screen, what is the difference between Change and Detach?

Use "Change" if you are leaving one job for another. This removes more contact information from your account and gives you the opportunity to enter a new email address. Select "Detach" if you are leaving your current employer, but you do not have a new job or email address yet.

Why are you asking demographic questions?

NASFAA works hard to meet the needs of its members, but those needs vary widely depending on the size and type of school you work for, where the school is located, your level and position in the aid office, and even your years of experience. The more we know about the individuals at the member institutions and organizations, the better chance we have of meeting your needs with timely information, services, training, and materials.

When should I update my contact information?

If you work at a NASFAA member institution or organization, you should update your contact information as soon as a change occurs so your listing in the online NASFAA Membership Directory is up-to-date. Individuals at both member and non-member institutions and organizations must update their contact information prior to registering for a conference or webinar, or purchasing a product online.

Where is the Membership Directory?

Search the Membership Directory.

When does my updated information appear in the online Membership Directory?

Changes that you make online take place immediately. However, if you switch employers, your information may not appear in the directory until your employment status is confirmed. Keep in mind, if your new employer is not a NASFAA member your information will not appear in the directory.

What if I don't want to appear in the online directory?

You can opt-in and opt-out of the directory at any time. When you edit your profile, select the Directories & Settings tab. At the top of the page, uncheck the “Include me in the online Membership Directory" option.

How do I unsubscribe from all NASFAA mailings?

To unsubscribe, change your e-mail address, or set up a Today's News vacation stop, log in to your myNASFAA account and edit your email settings.

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