As a national, professional association, NASFAA is led by the financial aid administrators who make up the core of its membership. NASFAA institutional members may be elected to the Board of Directors, which is the governing body of the Association. The Board is vested with all powers to manage the Association’s business, property, and assets, and is responsible for hiring and reviewing the president. The president is responsible for NASFAA’s day-to-day operations and the oversight and direction of the association’s employees.


2013-14 National Chair Craig Munier

National Chair Craig Munier addresses the membership at the 2013 NASFAA National Conference.


President Justin Draeger

 Justin DraegerJustin Draeger, is President and CEO of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. He serves as the primary voice of NASFAA and as the liaison between the association members, the U.S. Congress, federal agencies and the media. Most of Justin’s career has been devoted to assisting disadvantaged populations achieve their educational goals and better their communities. Since 2002, Justin has been engaged in either administering, interpreting, communicating, or developing student financial aid policy. His prior experiences include working as a financial aid director, regulatory and policy analyst, and spokesperson. He has held senior positions overseeing government relations, communications, and policy work. Justin is frequently quoted in the press and has appeared on The Today Show on NBC, National Public Radio, APM’s Marketplace, Fox Business News, CNBC, and C-SPAN, and is often quoted in national news outlets. Justin currently serves on the boards of directors of Baker College, the Association Mutual Health Insurance Company, and other organizations that promote health and education. He earned his undergraduate from Brigham Young University and his MBA from Baker College. Justin lives in Fairfax, VA with his wife and three children, where he spends his free time shuttling children to various events, playing racquetball, running or swimming.

Officers of the Board of Directors 

Mr. Craig Munier, University of Nebraska (National Chair). Craig Munier has been in student financial aid since 1982 and higher education administration since 1976. Currently the Director of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Craig was Associate Director of Financial Aid at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign for 11 years and worked in financial aid at Iowa State University.  In addition, he worked for six years in admissions at a small, private, liberal arts college and a community college, both in Iowa. He is past National Chair of the Coalition of State University Aid Administrators (COSUAA), past chair of the National Direct Student Loan Coalition (NDSLC), and recently served as chair of the NASFAA Federal Issues Committee.  He has served as a trainer for NASFAA and the U.S. Department of Education. He holds a BA from the University of Northern Iowa and an MS from Iowa State University.

Ms. Eileen O'Leary, Stonehill College (National Chair-Elect). Eileen O’Leary is the Assistant Vice President, Student Financial Services at Stonehill College, where she has worked in financial aid for nearly 30 years. Eileen is the National Chair-Elect of NASFAA and has also served in various state and national positions, including National Chair of the National Direct Student Loan Coalition and current member of its executive board; current member of the NASFAA Ethics Task Force; NASFAA commission director 2011-2012, member of the NASFAA Reimagining Aid Delivery and Design (RADD)Task Force, its Award Letter and Consumer Disclosure Task Force, the 2001-2006 Reauthorization Task Force, and the NASFAA Federal Issues Committee from 2006-2008. In addition, Eileen has been the President of MASFAA (2000-2001) and a member of the MASFAA Government Relations Committee and its Executive Board. In addition, she has served as a non-federal negotiator on two Negotiated Rulemaking series that focused on federal student loan issues, and has presented on financial aid issues to members of the Massachusetts legislature, at US Senate field hearings, as well as other public forums. Eileen is also a member of the Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance advisory board.

Mr. Ron Day, Kennesaw State University (Past National Chair). Ron Day is Director of Financial Aid for Georgia’s Kennesaw State University and has worked in financial aid at a number of institutions in the South since he began his career in the financial aid profession in 1983. He has held various leadership positions in the South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia state associations and has served his regional association of SASFAA as President in 2003-04. Ron has also given back to his national association through his membership on the Board of Directors in 2003-05 and at the present time and through a wide range of committee work, ranging from AGMC to Awards to Finance to Leadership.