Committee of the Year

The committee selected for this award has made a contribution to the advancement of the objectives of the Association in a manner which is either unique or truly significant and which brings distinction to the committee as a result.

The National Chairman/Chairwoman selects the committee each year. Nominations are not accepted. 

Committee of the Year Winners 

Each year NASFAA honors a committee or committees as Committee of the Year, for significant advancement of the objectives of the association. The winning committee(s) is selected by the National Chair in his/her year of service.

For 2012-13, National Chair Ron Day selected the Training and Professional Development Committee, chaired by Taina Savoit of McNeese State University, for its work in creating two sets of annual training materials. The 2012-13 committee roster was as follows: 

  • Taina Savoit, McNeese State University (Chair)
  • John View, State University of New York Environmental Science/Forestry College (Vice Chair)
  • Yvonne Gutierrez-Sandoval, University of LaVerne
  • Lynn Jensen, Brigham Young University
  • Melet Leafgreen, Texas Christian University
  • Terri LeGrande. Winston-Salem State University
  • Heather McDonnell, Sarah Lawrence College
  • Thomas Ratliff, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Jennifer Martin, NASFAA Staff Liaison
  • Connie McCormick, NASFAA Staff Liaison
  • Eunice Powell, NASFAA Staff Liaison

Also see the past winners list, available in PDF format.