Cost of Attendance

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Cost: $299 per registrant (members and non-members)

This four week course focuses on cost of attendance (COA), including the process of COA construction, selecting appropriate methods of research to use for determining student budget expenses, identifying and describing the COA components, and identifying when a student’s COA must be recalculated. This 100% online course is a perfect collaborative learning tool for new financial aid professionals, or professionals with less than five years of experience in the industry. It would also be useful to professionals who are new to updating the value of budget components. While this course has been designed with the necessary tools, equipment and subject matter expertise to aid you through the four-week process. A credential is provided after successfully completing and passing the credential test, which is available at the conclusion of the course and included in your course fee.  

NASFAA University courses are 100% online with an asynchronous focus, meaning the individual attendee can log on anytime/anyplace (assuming they have Internet access) and participate in course requirements – naturally there are due dates they will need to adhere to, i.e. weekly assignments that must be completed. There are also weekly synchronous class meetings. However, these “live” classes are optional and recorded for on-demand viewing by the course attendee. While there will be no grade reductions for students that do not attend the live classes, we do encourage attendance to due to the highly collaborative nature of the courses.   


  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to COA, Student Budget Construction 
  • Lesson 2 – COA Components
  • Lesson 3 – COA Restrictions and Recalculations
  • Lesson 4 – Non-Title IV Aid and the COA