NASFAA University On-Site Training

Onsite small logoNASFAA University brings our regulatory experts to your campus for a top quality training experience for your entire staff. We don't just focus on what regulations say, but on how you can best implement regulations. Our goal is to provide you guidance and resources to ensure your institution is in compliance and following best practices. 

When your on-site training engagement is complete, you and your staff can qualify to earn a professional credential from NASFAA University in the training topic(s) by taking and passing a credential test(s). 

Topics that are offered in the on-site training format are primarily from NASFAA’s CORE In-Service Curriculum. The number of staff who can participate is limited only by your room size! On-site training is a cost-effective solution for both large staffs and schools with multiple campuses. 

The cost of NASFAA University on-site training varies based on a number of factors, including location, number of staff to be trained and number of topics to be covered during training. To receive a customized cost estimate, complete and submit an on-site training estimate request form.