NASFAA University Testing Center Levels

 The credentials in the testing center are divided into three levels as listed below. Testing for topics in italics are either available now or will be available Summer 2013. Other topics will be rolled out gradually. OC = Online Course Available SSG = Self-Study Guide Available


Test Intermediate 

 Beginner Level 

  • Application (SSG) 
  • Cost of Attendance (OC) 
  • Federal Methodology (SSG) 
Test Intermediate 

Intermediate Level

  • Administrative Capability
  • Campus-based
  • Consumer Information
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Return of Title IV (SSG) 
  • Student Eligibility (SSG) 
  • Verification (OC) 
Test Intermediate   

Advanced Level  

  • Cash Management
  • Direct Loans (SSG) 
  • Packaging (OC) 
  • Professional Judgment (OC) 
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress