Tough Choices: Tackling Loan Indebtedness at Low-Cost Institutions

Duration: 74 Minutes
Date Recorded: July 23, 2014
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Available until: December 22, 2014

Does your institutional default rate have you reconsidering your participation in the Direct Loan program? Has your school already dropped out of the loan program? Or have you implemented new default management tactics to keep default rates low? Join NASFAA for a webinar to discuss these issues: “Tough Choices: Tackling Loan Indebtedness at Low-Cost Institutions.” This webinar will feature one institution that chose to leave the loan program and one institution that was considering doing so, but decided to stay in the program. In addition, NASFAA’s staff will also highlight potential policy solutions and related advocacy work

Even though community colleges and other low-cost institutions have relatively low amounts of borrowing, they often face high cohort default rates that put their Pell and federal loan eligibility at risk. Some schools consider leaving the loan programs entirely while others take drastic action to combat their rising default rates. This webinar will provide schools with an opportunity to hear from a school that has left the Federal Direct Student Loan program and one who considered leaving but decided to remain. NASFAA’s staff will also discuss potential policy solutions related to this issue.


  • Justin Draeger, NASFAA President
  • David Baime, Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Research, AACC
  • Lisa Hopper, Director of Financial Aid, National Park Community College


  • Lisa Seals, Director of Financial Aid, Imperial Valley Community College
  • Jason Judkins, Director of Financial Aid, Victor Valley College


  • Megan McClean, Director of Policy and Federal Relations, NASFAA