Access NASFAA Live, June 24 -27, 2019, from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

NASFAA LiveUnable to attend in person? "NASFAA Live"—NASFAA's interactive, livestreaming conference option allowed you to participate in the 2019 NASFAA National Conference from the comfort of your own desk or office conference room.

All 2019 NASFAA National Conference attendees may now access NASFAA Live recordings on-demand. The platform features the full Live schedule, related handouts as available, and the ability to test your computer or device.

Included With NASFAA Live

  • All general sessions, including the general session offered by the Department of Education*
  • The complimentary pre-conference event on student mental health issues
  • Twenty-four pre-selected conference interest sessions
  • The ability to ask presenters questions in real-time and participate along with other NASFAA Live and in-person conference attendees
  • Access to all session handouts, not just those featured in the NASFAA Live livestream
  • Access to the NASFAA Conference App, to connect with attendees, speakers and more
  • Sessions will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing after the conference concludes*

*The opening session will not be available on-demand; posted schedule will indicate this and other sessions that will not be available for on-demand viewing.

Benefits of NASFAA Live

Spread the knowledge. A single NASFAA Live registration can be viewed by unlimited participants, which means for the cost of just one conference registration, everyone at your school can participate.

Avoid the hassle. With NASFAA Live, there's no need for travel, packing, meals out, booking flights, scheduling hotel stays, and returning to a backlog of work and emails post-conference.

Ideas to Make the Most of NASFAA Live

  • Watch in the privacy of your own office
  • Invite your office colleagues to watch together in a conference room
  • Assign individual staff members to watch specific interest sessions with you
  • Convene after the conference has ended to watch on-demand recordings of any NASFAA Live sessions you or your staff missed when it was being livestreamed
  • Download handouts from sessions of interest


While we encourage you to share the NASFAA Live experience on your campus, there are two requirements:

  1. Whoever buys the NASFAA Live registration, must use their own individual NASFAA account to access the livestream and supporting materials. It is against NASFAA's Terms of Service to share or distribute your NASFAA account credentials.
  2. Only one login is given per registration, so only one streaming session may be used at a time. Users cannot watch NASFAA Live from two devices simultaneously, but can easily move from one device to another by logging in again. Previous sessions will be disabled.

The registration fee for NASFAA Live was $635 for NASFAA Members & $735 for non-members.

All 2019 attendees can access NASFAA Live.

Remember: You can invite everyone at your school to participate with you.

2019 NASFAA Live is sponsored by Earnest.

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