NASFAA U Courses

NASFAA U is  pleased to offer two in-person courses during the 2017 National Conference: Cash Management and Professional Judgement. Both courses will take place Thursday morning, June 29, 8:30 to 11:30 am. Conference attendees can  participate in either course and receive a voucher for the associated credential test free of charge. 

Cash Management

Schools must establish and maintain financial records of Title IV transactions, and accounting and internal control systems for Title IV funds. Cash management includes the drawdown and maintenance of Title IV funds destined for student recipients. Certain standards are defined by regulation to ensure proper accountability for these public funds.  In this course you will you will learn about a school’s responsibilities for managing Title IV funds, including requesting and receiving funds, maintaining funds, disbursement, notices, and authorizations

Professional Judgment

Analysis of a student's need for federal student aid is based on a standardized assessment of family financial strength relative to all other aid applicants. Sometimes, however, a student or family experiences unusual circumstances that make the standardized approach unsuitable. In such individual cases, with adequate documentation, a financial aid administrator may use his or her professional judgment to override the student’s dependency status, adjust the data used to calculate the expected family contribution, or revise the student's cost of attendance to assess that student's need more accurately. Professional judgment may also be used to deny or reduce eligibility for Direct Loans, or allow Direct Loans in cases where parents refuse to cooperate with need analysis. This course will provide the learner with a comprehensive review of the concept of professional judgment. It will also examine the guiding principles for the use of professional judgment and explore its impact on student eligibility and financial assistance. 

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