Alexander Stakes Out Course As Head Of Senate Ed Committee

"After his lopsided re-election victory, Lamar Alexander is poised to become chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in the new GOP-led Senate, opening a path for Republicans to pounce on a cornerstone education policy of President Barack Obama," The Tennessean reports.

"Alexander, recognizing that a new Republican majority would be likely, highlighted his preferred education course routinely on the campaign trail — though it would be an uphill climb for any to become law with Obama still holding veto power from the White House. ...

In a second education priority, Alexander has discussed simplifying, streamlining and shortening the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a lengthy form that prospective college students fill out to determine eligibility for student aid.

A bill introduced by Alexander and Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., last year would reduce the number of questions on the FAFSA form. Alexander believes it has a particular tie-in to Tennessee because of the state’s new Tennessee Promise initiative, which offers free community college to graduating high school seniors here.

In all, 56,596 seniors have applied for the program, but less than 12,000 are likely to actually take part. One big reason why, officials believe, is the arduous federal aid process."

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Publication Date: 11/7/2014

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