Tension? What Tension? #JustKidding

"At the 2017 NASFAA National Conference, Tyler Pruett, from Samuel Merritt University, was part of a panel discussing 'Communication Planning and Execution: The Right Message at the Right Time.' The Director of Financial Aid and Campus Service Center, Pruett was funny, eloquent—and exceedingly truthful," Amy Glynn writes for CampusLogic's blog.

"Our social media team captured his humor, in a great way, with this tweet:

It hit home because it’s a tension that we all know exists—but don’t really talk about. And we should. The most difficult days I faced as a Director of Financial Aid included meetings with students who had found their home on my campus only to realize it was a home they couldn’t afford to fund. True collaborative partnerships between financial aid and admissions offices make for fewer of these types of difficult days—but it’s not an easy process.

Bridge The Tension Over Troubled Waters

The relationship between FinAid and other departments—admissions and enrollment, for example—isn’t always easy. Schools work diligently to align the different groups, with over 50% of financial aid teams reporting into enrollment management. Yet I often hear Simon & Garfunkel’s 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters' playing in my head when people ask how well we all collaborate.

Our Common Goal: Student Success

In the best cases, a campus' administrative groups work toward a common goal of enrolling students who are a good fit and well educated on all aspects of college—including cost and funding options. In the worst cases, competing goals and objectives can cause 'minor civil wars,' where the casualties are students."

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Publication Date: 7/17/2017

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