Off Without A Hitch!

20130605_charlottes_cornerThis past week I was finally able to see the fruits of my labor: NASFAA held its 2013 National Profile Briefing! This event, which I have been working on since my first day at NASFAA, was designed to give Congressional staff and others in the higher education policy community information about the state of federal financial aid. Over the past month the policy team put together an interactive presentation, handouts, and prepared the 2013 National Profile for distribution. It was a huge effort and together we created an event that engaged and informed our audience.

The office was in such a flurry on Thursday, and in the blink of an eye it was time to head over to the Hill! The NASFAA staff was joined by Dawn Mosisa, director of university financial aid compliance at Johns Hopkins University and NASFAA Board Member Rich Heath, director of financial aid at Anne Arundel Community College. Once the presentation got started it went great; the audience asked lots of thoughtful questions and seemed interested in furthering their knowledge and utilizing this information. Rich and Dawn provided great insight from their experience in the aid office and were able to answer questions based on real-life scenarios they had encountered. Several of the attendees stayed after to ask questions about the student aid programs and NASFAA, which was exciting to see. Overall the event was a success, and I’m so proud of what we put together and presented last week! You can see pictures from our event in NASFAA’s 2013 National Profile Briefing Facebook album.

Things move quickly however, and now it’s time to shift gears and get ready for the 2013 NASFAA Conference in Las Vegas! I began choosing my sessions and discussing the event details with the policy team, which makes me realize how quickly it will be here. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to be able to attend, and I can’t wait to meet members from all across the country while there.

I treated myself to a job well done this weekend by exploring more of DC. I toured the National Portrait Gallery, which has proven to be my favorite museum thus far, and one everyone should put on their list of must-see places the next time you visit. Also, since I am currently working on research for my graduate thesis, I went over the Library of Congress to obtain my official reader card! This will allow me to utilize the library’s materials while I am in DC this summer and further my research. I am VERY excited to get started on this academic endeavor – as soon as I return from the conference!



Publication Date: 7/3/2013

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