Does Student Loan Debt Put a Damper on Your Relationship?

"Add this to the list of awkward questions you reserve for potential dates and mates: So, how about those student loans," the Houston Chronicle reports. "Young people struggling to juggle relationships and debt is, unfortunately, "more common than not," says Jessica Horton of Money Management International, a nonprofit, full-service, credit-counseling agency. 'The key is to open all lines of communication, lay all cards on the table, and keep an open mind.' And Lamar Duarte, director of student financial services for Palo Alto College in San Antonio, says young graduates also should keep the lines of communication open with their lenders. Loans can be consolidated or adjusted, she says. Some can even be dramatically reduced for grads working in low income areas in medicine, teaching and social services."

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Publication Date: 8/7/2012

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