The Future of Public Higher Education?

"With state funding waning, public institutions have been moving from a low tuition/high subsidy model of education to a high tuition/high financial aid model," Margaret Andrews writes for Inside Higher Ed's StratEDgy blog. "So now many public institutions are admitting more 'full pay' students -- those from other states and international students.  The speakers argued for setting tuition closer to the actual cost of educating a student, decreasing or eliminating the out-of-state tuition differential, charging higher tuitions for international students and for high-demand majors, and offering a subsidy to low-income students. Impediments to change:  There are many impediments, one of the most difficult being the culture of cross-subsidization, where high-demand, high-income programs and departments offset shortfalls in lower-demand, lower-income programs and departments.  According to the presenters, this type of culture preserves all programs, regardless of demand."

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Publication Date: 5/7/2012

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