2019 Year in Review: Our Featured MVPs

NASFAA’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is a series that features a brief Q&A with notable NASFAA members — with questions ranging from what they knew their first year working in financial aid to how they relax in their free time. Look back at our six MVPs from 2019 and send your suggestions for future MVPs for the upcoming year to our news inbox, along with a short note about why you're nominating them. 

MVP Jeff Arthur
Jeff is the vice president of regulatory affairs and the chief information officer at the East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI University). He has served on NASFAA’s Policy Rapid Response Network for five years. Fun fact: Jeff has two racehorses named Zenyatta and American Pharoah.

MVP Joe Donlay
Joe is the director of financial aid at Colorado State University. He has also served as a regional delegate on NASFAA's Board of Directors. Fun fact: Joe’s favorite thing to eat is Mexican food — morning, noon, and night. 

MVP Andrew Hammontree
Andrew is the financial aid director at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center. He is also currently serving his second term on NASFAA's Board of Directors. Fun fact: Andrew usually reads three to four books a week! 

MVP David Martin
David is the financial aid director at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He received NASFAA's Regional Leadership Award at the 2019 National Conference for his outstanding contributions to the profession. Fun fact: David knows all of the words to the songs "Cherish" by The Association, "Beginnings" by The Chicago Transit Authority, and to the theme songs for "Green Acres," "Gilligan's Island," and "The Beverly Hillbillies!"

MVP Lisanne Masterson
Lisanne is the director of financial aid at Blue Ridge Community College. She has also served on the NASFAA Board of Directors. Fun fact: Lisanne’s bucket list includes learning to scuba dive so she can swim with dolphins.

MVP Cheryl Storie
Cheryl is the associate vice president of financial aid at the University of Maryland University College (now University of Maryland Global Campus). She is a former employee of NASFAA and has presented at NASFAA's National Conference multiple times. Cheryl also served as the representative-at-large on the NASFAA Board of Directors from 2003-06. Fun fact: Cheryl has testified before Congress! 

MVP Susan Swisher
Susan is the executive director of financial aid at Saint Xavier University. She has previously served on the NASFAA Board of Directors as the Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) regional representative, and was awarded the Regional Leadership Award at NASFAA's 2019 National Conference. Fun fact: Susan has two cats and wishes she had the superpower to be able to speak with them. 

If you know a financial aid colleague with something interesting to say, send their names and a short note about why you’re nominating them to news@nasfaa.org.


Publication Date: 12/23/2019

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