DLB-08-23: New Direct Loan Servicing Web Site URLs For Schools And Borrowers

Publication Date: October 16, 2008

Bulletin ID: DLB-08-23

Summary: New Direct Loan Servicing Web Site URLs for Schools and Borrowers

Dear Direct Loan Colleague:

Earlier this year, we notified schools about the Federal Student Aid data center relocation through Electronic Announcements posted on the Information for Financial Aid Professionals Web site. As a result of the relocation, the underlying URLs for the Direct Loan Servicing Web sites for schools and borrowers have changed. Use of the old URLs will end soon and may impact browser bookmarks or current links on school Web sites. Please review this bulletin to determine the impact on your school and its borrowers.

What has happened?  

Federal Student Aid has changed the URLs used by schools and borrowers to access the Direct Loan Servicing Web site. Over time, multiple URLs have displayed in browser windows and may have been bookmarked or used as links on Web pages and in other communications. Effective November 27, 2008, all of the old URLs will be nonfunctional.

The new URLs are as follows:

New URL effective November 27, 2008…  

  Replaces old URLs…  

  For Schools 




  For Borrowers 






What does this mean for a school and its borrowers? 

In most cases, there should be minimal impact on schools and borrowers. However, any saved browser bookmarks must be changed to the new URLs listed above. Also, if a school provides links to the Direct Loan Servicing Online Web site on any of its school Web sites, or in communications to staff and borrowers, the links must be updated to the new URLs listed above. This would also apply if the school’s Web sites or communications link to specific pages on the Direct Loan Servicing Online Web site. For example, to link to the online counseling sessions, the school would change the old hyperlink https://www.dlssonline.com/borrower/CounselingSessions.do?cmd=initializeContext to the new hyperlink https://www.dl.ed.gov/borrower/CounselingSessions.do?cmd=initializecontext.

Note: A school that logs in to the Direct Loan Servicing Online Schools Web site through the Common Origination and Disbursement Web site will not be impacted. Federal Student Aid is also in the process of correcting the related links on our internal Web sites.

If you have questions about the information contained in this bulletin, please contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s School Services Team at 888/877-7658.


William Leith
Acting General Manager, Application, Operations and Delivery Services


Publication Date: 10/16/2008

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