ANN-10-39: Webinar Recordings -- Foreign School Direct Loan Training

Department of Education Dear Colleague Letter 

Publication Date: October 29, 2010



Subject: Webinar Recordings -- Foreign School Direct Loan Training

Summary: This letter announces the availability of Federal Student Aid's recording of a series of webinars designed to assist foreign schools with the transition to the Direct Loan Program.

Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to announce the availability of the recorded versions of our instructor-led, online training series designed to assist foreign schools with the transition to the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program. The webinar series focuses on key aspects of awarding and reporting loans made at foreign schools under the Direct Loan Program, and provides participants with a similar experience to the training workshops that were conducted at various international locations in June 2010.

Federal Student Aid staff presented this information during six two-hour webinar modules in August 2010. For complete descriptions of the sessions, refer to Dear Colleague Letter ANN-10-30.

No registration is required to view the recorded training sessions.

To view the "Difference Between FFEL and Direct Loans and Determining Student Eligibility" session, click on this link: 

To view the "Calculating Award Amounts" session, click on this link: 

Note: This recording contains a short delay (approximately 30 seconds) in the middle of the recording. Please continue to listen and the recording will resume. We apologize for the technical difficulty.

To view the "Direct Loan Programmatic Primer" session, click on this link: 

To view the "Originating Loans with the Direct Loan Tool and Using the COD System"session, click on this link: 

To view the "Cash Management and Reconciliation" session, click on this link: 

To view the "Return of Title IV Funds and Using NSLDS" session, click on this link: 

Note: A recording key is not required to view the sessions.

To view the transcript and handout for each recorded training session, click on the following link: 

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of our training efforts. If you have questions about this training opportunity, please contact the Foreign Schools Team at or by calling (202) 377-3168.


Jana Hernandes
Service Director, Operations
Federal Student Aid


Publication Date: 11/1/2010

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