NASFAA Letter Thanks ED for Promoting the Interests of Financial Aid Administrators

NASFAA formally thanked the U.S. Department of Education (ED) for reaching out to university and college presidents across the country to highlight the challenges financial aid administrators face and ask them to ensure aid offices have sufficient resources.

In a letter to ED's Office of Federal Student Aid Chief Operating Officer William Taggart, NASFAA Chair Laurie Wolf and President Justin Draeger note that ED's recent communication will "help these leaders better understand the myriad new challenges our members face and help them realize their ethical and regulatory responsibilities to provide adequate staffing, training, and other resources.

"These actions will help ensure that millions of dollars in federal aid continue to flow to the students who need them in an effective and efficient manner," the letter states.

In a letter sent last week to college and university presidents, Taggart commended financial aid administrators' dedication and professionalism as they served a record number of students while switching loan programs and implementing a host of new regulations and disclosure requirements.

Washington has recently enacted numerous changes to financial aid rules and regulations, effectively requiring financial aid administrators to devote a great deal of time and training to compliance measures. The results of a survey released by NASFAA earlier this year highlighted the effects those changes have had at a time when college enrollment and financial aid applicant numbers are on the rise. The 2010 NASFAA Administrative Burden Survey found that too many financial aid officers now feel they have less time to devote to counseling students.


Publication Date: 4/12/2011

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