Refine Your AskRegs Knowledgebase Searches to Find the Information You Need

NASFAA's AskRegs Knowledgebase allows NASFAA members to search and browse for answers to financial aid regulatory and compliance questions submitted by NASFAA members. More than 30,000 searches are performed on the knowledgebase each month! But with more than 3,000 active Q&As, the numbers of search results can sometimes seem overwhelming. That's where the Advanced Search feature comes in! 

Ask Regs Advanced Search 

Whereas the simple search, located on the AskRegs portal homepage, looks for all the words entered in the search box, the Advanced Search can be used to easily narrow your searches in several ways. 

Ask Regs Advanced Search 21. You can use a Boolean search to narrow your search using exact phrases and terms in quotation marks. For example, just type "cost of attendance" and "loan fees" in the Advanced Search box, click Search Type "find all words", and click Search.


2. You can search for an exact phrase or term within a specific topical Category. For example, enter your search phrase loan fees without quotation marks in the Advanced Search box, click "find exact phrase", click on the Cost of Attendance Category, and click Search.


3. You can search for an exact phrase. For example, enter the phrase cost of attendance without quotation marks in the Advanced Search box, click "find exact phrase", and click Search.


4. You can explore other ways to narrow your searches using "Search Help". 

Both the Boolean and Category searches in the above examples result in a greater than 40 percent reduction in search results, as opposed to a simple search on cost of attendance and loan fees. 

Advanced Search also allows you to narrow your search based on timeframes using the "Last Modified Since" feature, as well as to search by the AskRegs Q&A article ID (if you happen to know it already).


Publication Date: 5/25/2016

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